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Professional solutions for professional people

Developed together with firefighters for firefighters

Whether you’re dealing with rescuing, extinguishing, recovery or protection operations, you’ll overcome the biggest challenges every day together as a team. This requires 100% professionalism—just like the storage space in your fire station.

We have developed a series of fire service lockers for you that flexibly covers all your individual needs. From youth and volunteer firefighters, to on-site fire departments. All the models have one thing in common: They are extremely robust and highly functional, comply with all current guidelines, and look amazing to boot.

All C + P fire service lockers can be conveniently combined with one another: Choose from extensive equipment and various colors—we don’t put any limits on your locker dream team.

The C + P Fire Locker Team

Firefighter locker MAXI

The Team’s Storage Space Marvel: The MAXI is the top model in the team because it provides a particularly large amount of space for uniforms—which makes it perfect for the functional requirements of professional and on-site fire departments. Its…

Firefighter locker FLEXO

The Team’s Extendable Solution: Due to its modular design, the FLEXO is ideal for use where space is limited. It is also perfectly suited to use as an additional element to complement existing furnishings. It is flexible and easily extendable—making…

Fire service locker KOMBI

The Team’s Spacious Solution: The KOMBI enables convenient fully separate storage in compliance with standards, even where space is limited. The personal clothes section is particularly spacious—so absolutely any outfit can be stowed away without…

Firefighter Locker PRAKTUS

The Team’s Traditional Solution: The PRAKTUS is the ideal model for all those who rely on traditional locker solutions. The fire service locker’s open design ensures that uniforms are stored in such a way that promotes drying and facilitates quick…

Firefighter locker EXPERT

The Team’s Special Solution: The EXPERT is perfectly suited to use as a supplementary emergency services locker for special applications such as rescue from water and heights. The typical uniform and relevant protective equipment can be perfectly…

Youth Firefighter Locker YOUNGSTER

The Team’s Small Solution: The YOUNGSTER is the ideal model for the new generation in youth fire departments. Its compact dimensions make it suitable for use even in small spaces. It can easily be combined with other lockers from the product line, so…

Firefighter Wardrobe APERTO

The Team’s Open Solution: The APERTO is characterized by the fact that it combines an open wardrobe with two locker compartments. The wardrobe’s open design enables clothes to be stored in a way that promotes drying and prevents damage, while the…


Would you like to compare the various C + P fire brigade cabinets and fire brigade lockers in detail in order to be able to select your ideal combination? Download our overview tables below:



C + P fire brigade cabinets have been developed together with a team of fire fighters and other experienced experts. The result is a family of products that adapts to all conditions and purposes. Attention was paid to even the smallest details - because ultimately, that’s what it comes down to. All features and accessories available are designed for maximum user-friendliness and pragmatic, simple use in everyday fire-fighting or rescue operations. This allows you to fully concentrate on your operations.




Many fire brigade buildings need to be modernised in order to guarantee the black and white separation required by law, thereby preventing the possible spread of contamination. This is also one of the essential requirements for new buildings in accordance with DIN 14092 “Fire brigade buildings” in part 1, “Planning principles”.


Fire brigade cabinets and fire brigade lockers by C + P ensure that your personal protective equipment (PPE) along with your own clothing are always properly and safely stored, guaranteeing quick drying. Because all models can be combined, they can be put together very flexibly, so that the storage solution perfectly matches the individual requirements of your fire station and emergency teams. And there’s no lack of colour: besides the classic “fire red”, there is a wide range of other colours to choose from.


Classic red? If you like, but it doesn't need to be that way. You have the choice of C + P fire brigade cabinets and fire brigade lockers not only in terms of design and equipment, but also in terms of colour. This results both in order and functionality along with visual variety at your fire station.


Planning / service

We don’t leave you to fend for yourself when it comes to selection and planning! On request, we’ll support you with all the services you need to make your fire service equipment perfect.



Please don’t hesitate to email us to international-sales(at) or phone us on +49 (0) 6465 / 919-347.​​​​​​