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Store substances hazardous to waters & small containers safely

Pesticide storage cabinets from C + P, also known as environmental cabinets or hazardous substance cabinets, are used wherever environmentally hazardous substances need to be stored safely in compliance with regulations.  Fluids that are especially hazardous to waters and small containers (c.f. section 62 Water Resources Act (WHG)) that could contaminate water can be stored safely in the pesticide cabinet. Environmental cabinets are used mainly in industrial and agricultural factories, workshops, and businesses.


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Pflanzenschutzmittelschrank mit Auffangwanne


Pflanzenschutzmittelschrank mit verzinkten Wannen


PSM-Schrank niedrig mit Auffangwanne


PSM-Schrank niedrig mit verzinkten Wannen


Store pesticides etc. securely in the special steel cabinet

In the agricultural sector, it is mainly fertilizer that is stored in the pesticide cabinet. Storing hazardous substances such as greases, oils, fertilizers, and thinners professionally in the pesticide storage cabinet prevents high consequential costs.  For this reason, it is better to invest a little more in a robust hazardous substance cabinet that meets the industrial standards for correct storage of environmentally hazardous substances.


  • Safe & correct storage of environmentally hazardous substances
  • Prevent high consequential costs through correct storage
  • Trays/collected trays in accordance with German Water Resources Act (WHG)
  • Various models & sizes available

Trays/collection trays in accordance with German Water Resources Act (WHG)

The trays/collection trays tested in accordance with the German Water Resources Act are available in various models and can be adjusted flexibly in 15 mm increments. The collection volume of the trays is 10 or 20 liters, depending on the cabinet width. 

  • Collection trays made from zinc-plated steel: Can withstand up to 80 kg.
  • Collection trays made from polyethylene: Each supported by a zinc-plated shelf in the cabinet, can withstand up to 70 kg.