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For cleaning agents & cleaning equipment

Robust steel cabinets as central place for cleanliness & organization

Cleaning cabinets from C + P are used as practical storage space solutions for cleaning agents and diverse cleaning equipment.

Cleaning cabinets are most commonly used in utility rooms. Thanks to the special interior divisions in the hinged-door cabinet, cleaning utensils such as broom, cleaning bucket, and cloths can be stored perfectly. Simply open the doors of the lockable cabinet and all the utensils you need are within reach.


  • Store cleaning devices & cleaning agents tidily
  • Perfect for use in utility rooms
  • Special interior division with reduced partition

Practical interior division in the cleaning cabinet

Unlike the classic locker, a cleaning cabinet has tailored interior partitions. The reduced partition provides space for storing a vacuum cleaner or cleaning bucket in the base area underneath the compartments. The space between the base and the partition enables the two compartments to be connected in the cleaning cabinet.


Simply open the cabinet to access all cleaning utensils

Cleaning cloths and cleaning agents can be kept tidily in the compartments on the left. On the right, next to the middle panel, there is space to hang up a broom, scrubbing brush, or mop. The rail with corresponding hooks is positioned in the cabinet to enable long work equipment to be hung up easily. The space between the base and the partition enables the two compartments to be connected.


C + P steel cleaning cabinets

  • Body and doors made of steel 
  • Various colors
  • Powder-coated steel structure
  • Lockable
  • Base or feet as substructure
  • Vent slots or ventilation openings for optimum ventilation in the cabinet