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Combination of wardrobe and security compartment

Wardrobes with security compartments from C + P, also referred to as open wardrobes, have the advantage that private valuables can be stored as well as clothes. Jackets, coats, and blazers can be hung up tidily on the wardrobe rail. The storage area above and the shoe tray below offer additional space for shoes, bags, hats, and more. Independent compartments are used to lock away valuables separately.



  • For hanging up clothes & safe storage of valuables
  • Suitable for various users and industries
  • Practical equipment details
  • Sturdy steel construction for particularly high durability

Equipment & versions of the wardrobes with security compartments

The perfectly coordinated combination of open wardrobe and security compartment impresses various users. Whether it is in the office, waiting room, trade fair, or reception area, wardrobes with security compartments from C + P are user-friendly and practical.

User-friendly wardrobes in numerous variations

Depending on the number of users, a wardrobe can be selected for 5, 10, 15, or 20 persons. Furthermore, the practical locker and wardrobe system can be extended indefinitely. The different widths of the lockable compartments enable customized use. The open wardrobes can thus blend in with their surroundings perfectly.

Integrated compartments for personal items

Wallets, small handbags, smartphones, and more can be stored safely in the compartments. For bulky items such as bicycle or motorbike helmets, wide security compartments are more suitable. To prevent excess opening of the locker doors, door opening limiters are used. Depending on the particular purpose, various door models are available. The steel construction provides the best possible stability and fire safety.

Overview of C + P wardrobes with security compartments

  • Extendable continuous system
  • Double-walled doors
  • Door opening limiter as standard
  • Attractive design, with either steel or decor doors
  • Steel doors highly torsion-resistant thanks to closed side profiles
  • Elegant, narrow sides for homogeneous look when arranged in rows
  • Body with closed side profiles for easy interior cleaning and convenient removal of bags 
  • With either steel or decor doors
  • Steel doors highly torsion-resistant thanks to closed side profiles
  • Doors extremely stable and vandalism-proof
  • Compartments suitable for motorcycle helmets