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Child-friendly lockers & security compartments for school and nursery

School and nursery lockers from C + P are particularly suitable for children of nursery and elementary school age. For daycare, elementary school, nursery, or after-school care, child-friendly lockers and security compartments are a safe place to store rucksacks, lunch boxes, books, toys, and other things. 



  • Child-friendly height, compartments easy to access
  • Manufactured from durable material steel 
  • Sturdy steel construction fulfills fire protection regulations in educational institutions and care centers
  • Tamper resistant and extremely stable doors 
  • Easy to use locks
  • Particularly easy to clean thanks to smooth bottom
  • Bright colors make for a pleasant atmosphere in the room

An overview of all product series

  • A variety of models
  • Locker depth 300 mm especially for nurseries
  • Choice of foot or base as sub-frame

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  • Robust door mounting bracket
  • Opening angle 170° — no protruding doors in narrow corridors
  • Robust door mounting bracket
  • Opening angle 170° — no protruding doors in narrow corridors
  • Tamper resistant doors
  • Locker depth up to 740 mm, even for bulky bags

Equipment & use of C + P school and nursery lockers

Wherever storage solutions for children are needed, school and nursery lockers or security compartments are used. As all compartments are easy for children to reach, they are predominantly used in elementary schools and nurseries. Thanks to various locker models, various needs can be met.


Child-friendly lockers in various colors

Lockers and security compartments are normally found in changing rooms — at school or in the nursery. However, they are generally positioned in the corridor as a space-saving storage space solution. Thanks to their bright colors, the robust steel lockers with high-quality enamel coating blend in with the existing premises particularly well. 


Tamper resistant lockers in child-friendly height

Specially designed for children’s needs, the lockers have the perfect height for children. The compartments are thus easy for them to reach. Another feature is the simple lock that is easy to use. A turning bolt latch as lock variant for the locker — with no key management. Perfect for children.


Lockers and security compartments in the school as storage space solution

Low lockers are particularly suitable for children, with space in the interior to store clothes, sports equipment, books, and more. The lockers are normally located in the school corridor. Jackets and other things can be hung on the coat rail with anti-rotation sliding hooks.


Product versions