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2000 m² social rooms

ThyssenKrupp Nirosta is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stainless flat products with a vast range of quality classes, sizes, and surfaces.

With a total production of more than one million metric tons, over 4,600 employees, and more than €3.8 billion in sales, the company is a market leader for flat products made from stainless steel.

Quality, professionalism, harmony

For the 750 employees, ThyssenKrupp Nirosta’s continuous growth and high quality standards had posed a constant challenge, but one that the robust team has coped with superbly. With this in mind, the new staff building was to radiate quality, professionalism, and harmony.


The task

To meet the highest standards for design and function, C + P produced all lockers, benches, and ceiling panels from Thyssen-Krupp Nirosta stainless steel. A material with exceptional qualities. For example, the canvas structure of this stainless steel used in the fronts is particularly robust.

As a full-service provider, however, the company provides even more exciting design possibilities. One particularly appealing option is to combine high-quality materials and thus further enhance the overall look.

Requirement: A holistic approach to furnishing

The elegant coolness of the stainless steel is underpinned by the warm wood tone of the front panels, and the brilliance of the mirrors is emphasized. Instead of being made of glass, the mirrors are produced from ThyssenKrupp Nirosta stainless steel in “Mirror super polish.”


Many employees played a part in the project’s success by supplying good ideas and personal dedication. It is thus no surprise that the workforce’s identification with their company is also reflected in the new staff building. What could create a greater corporate identity?

  • The air outlet duct above the locker enclosure is elegantly concealed in the slanted roof.
  • Uniform extract air distribution through upper poppet valves in each compartment.
  • Street clothes and work clothes kept separate with convenient interior fitting accessories, e.g. towel and shower gel holder, additional lower storage shelf, shoe tray, and flip-flop holder.

With an eye for detail

Beyond merely fulfilling the basic requirements, C + P always adheres to its philosophy of providing added value in convenience, design, and function. The furnishings provided for ThyssenKrupp Nirosta in Dillenburg are a good example of this.

The ventilation strategy not only provides uniformity air extraction, but also “hides” the locker’s air outlet duct elegantly in the slanted roof. The side phenolic HPL applications serve not only as edging for the mirror but also as label holder and visual enhancement of the room thanks to the attractive beech decor.

Changing room for site fire department

Changing room for site fire department: perfectly divided compartments — spacious and easy to reach,. In-between, lockable and convertible material lockers in customized design.


The interior fitting of the compartments offers not only “hat shelf, coat rail + 3 hooks” but also many useful and intelligent accessories — from shower gel holders to shoe trays.

In an emergency, the site fire department has no time to lose. They need to remove protective clothing quickly and without obstructions. Despite the urgency, personal valuables must be stored away safely. The firefighter lockers not only look good but also show their smart strengths in a hectic emergency thanks to their design.

Project Report: