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Nothing is a must, and everything is possible.

C + P puts the 'pro' into products.

C + P offers an unrivaled variety of products for an extremely diverse range of industries and customers. This diversity allows us to find better and better solutions. 

In addition to our customized solutions, we also offer a high degree of flexibility with modular configuration options. We believe that looking after customers well is only possible if you continually adapt to new circumstances. 

Warehouse & workshop equipment

C + P offers perfect products for areas where tidiness, safety and facilitating functional work processes play an important role. From storage solutions to workplace configuration — we’re the experts.

Office & archiving

Our corporate culture is all about meeting the highest standards in quality and design. We combine steel furniture with other high-quality materials. C + P office furniture is synonymous with comfort, ergonomics and wellbeing in the workplace.

Equipment & accessories

C + P offers flexibility with customized solutions — whether it’s color or decor, ventilation or exhaust air, airing clothes or a variety of locker systems. You can take our word for it.

Notes on the placement of our steel furniture

Our steel furniture with high quality baked coating is designed for use in dry and normally ventilated rooms and may be placed only there. An exception is electrolytically galvanized and coated steel furniture - this can be placed in rooms with increased humidity.

You can find more info about corrosion protection here.