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Office cabinets and bookcases

Store binders, work materials, & more securely 

While the paperless office has become a popular topic, cabinets and bookcases are still part of integrated office furniture. In additional to storing personal items, they can be used to store all kinds of work materials for general use. 

Office bookcases made of steel

For particularly high durability

The stable C + P office cabinets and bookcases made of steel can be used as partition elements in open-place offices as well as providing storage space. This creates multiple zones within one room. Manufactured from the robust material steel, the office cabinets and bookcases also boast particularly high stability and robustness. To ensure that office materials can be stored safely in the long term, the cabinets and bookcases have ideal load capacity. The height and depth of binders was also taken into account in the design. 


  • Offer optimum storage space in the office
  • Function as “partition” in open-plan offices
  • Particularly durable and robust steel structure
  • Available in various models and sizes 

Office bookcases ̶ with tambour, hinged, sliding, or glass doors

To store office materials and archive binders, filing cabinets with various door designs can be used. Whether it’s tambour, hinged or sliding doors, with or without glass, the ideal cabinet door can be selected to suit user requirements. The various C + P product series make this possible.


C + P office cabinets and office bookcases


  • Body in sturdy steel construction with high-quality enamel coating
  • Attractive design thanks to fine edges
  • High flexibility of the interior fittings 
  • Outstandingly suitable for moving and stable (with magnetic usable space)
  • Diverse upgrades are available, such as side body sound absorption

Asisto cabinets have many outstanding features that only furniture with a steel body can offer: fine edges, doors made from wood, steel, or glass, flexible top cabinet solutions, level adjustable from the inside, and much more. Asisto cabinets are delivered pre-assembled. The low weight and sturdy design make the cabinets perfectly suitable for moving.


Whether the cabinets have hinged or sliding doors, or tambour doors, the characteristic feature of the Asisto cabinet system is the fine and lean 8 mm edge that is present throughout the entire range. The attractive design and the outstanding stability of this steel furniture combine to form a remarkable unit.


Asisto cabinets have a flush base. The fine side walls are uninterrupted along the entire height of the cabinet.


Steel doors are fundamentally designed with double walls. The sandwich construction with internal beeboard filling (special honeycomb material) provides incomparable stability and pleasant sound levels without significantly increasing the weight.


The adjustable hinges (opening angle 225°) are extra flat and thus make it even easier to access the inside of the cabinet.


Asisto sliding-door cabinets impress with their long-lasting smooth movement.


Absorbing sound, improving acoustics  ̶ and still looking good: The smooth-running, patented special tambour with award-winning design absorbs the majority of sounds that occur in daily work. In some frequency ranges, it absorbs almost seven times as much noise as a conventional cabinet.



  • Wide range of different sizes for every area of application
  • Sturdy steel construction with high-quality enamel coating
  • High flexibility of the interior fittings (adjustable in 15 mm increments)
  • Interesting range of counter and top solutions as well as bookcases with/without rear panel

The cabinets and bookcases in the Acurado product series can be equipped with various interior fittings such as shelves, security compartments, drawers, hanging frames, suspension bars, and compartments. As the interior fittings can be adjusted in 15 mm increments, the steel cabinets and bookcases can be adjusted flexibly to suit various situations. 


Whether it’s hinged doors, sliding doors, or sliding doors with acrylic glass anything is possible. The sliding doors run smoothly in a special rail guide. Matching solutions to be placed next to or on top of the cabinets and bookcases are available in a range of designs. To achieve optimum tilt resistance, the cabinets should be screwed to the wall.