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Office caddies flexible office pedestals

Must-have as storage space for new office spaces

The world of work is changing  ̶ working alone is a thing of the past, with focus now being given to team work.

This change in trends is giving rise to new office spaces with flexible work zones. These zones contain workstations for individual work as well as an area for joint use. Accordingly, the way in which storage space is provided is also changing. 

Take an office caddy from the garage & find a workstation

As new office concepts are increasingly without fixed workstations, companies need to provide their employees with flexible storage space solutions for work materials and private valuables. The solution: an office caddy for each employee. 


The mobile caddy for the office a must-have for the flex office

They provide more storage space per surface area than conventional mobile pedestals. An integrated open compartment is the perfect place to store binders. They are normally used directly next to the workstation, to enable particularly rapid access. Thanks to their height, the high pedestal also provides partition from adjoining workstations. At the same time, it can also temporarily be used as a standing workstation. Another advantage: High pedestals are very suitable for desk-sharing. Simply clear a desk, put everything in the pedestal, and then move the pedestal to the “pedestal garage.”



  • More storage space per surface area than conventional mobile pedestals
  • Mobile aid for desk-sharing
  • The optimum height enables temporary use as a standing workstation

C + P high pedestals Asisto the mobile office caddy

The mobile high pedestal Asisto from C + P boasts outstanding mobility brought about by four maxi-casters (front casters lockable) a perfect aid particularly for desk sharing. The sturdy steel construction features unlimited suitability for moving. It can be placed perfectly close to the workstation so that office materials and private belongings can be stored away orderly but always at hand! Brief meetings can be kept also quick and straightforward. To charge your tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc. the office caddy with power supply can be used, including supply line for power (230V) and data (RJ 45). The power supply design is available as an option. The open binder compartment also provides tidy and clearly visible storage for files. This is a perfect place to store binders that are used every day in particular. It provides considerably more storage space per surface area than conventional mobile pedestals.


An office caddy is a must-have for any office

You can choose between top covers or fronts in MCPB or phenolic HPL in various wood decors. The high pedestal can be designed in line with your preferences. Even the steel double-walled body with body sound absorption and the panels can be configured in various colors.  The insulated design of the steel body is responsible for pleasant sound levels. The steel drawers are equipped with robust, fully extendable precision telescopic rails. They also have a self-closing system with integrated soft-stop for even gentler closing. The high pedestal with casters has perfect tilt resistance thanks to a counterweight and anti-tilt mechanisms. With the full-length handle bar positioned at the side, the high pedestal is easy to use. The entire interior is designed in black.