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C + P training center — Hesse’s largest training association

The company group CHRISTMANN + PFEIFER launched a unique training cooperation in 1999: the C + P training center.

Over 60 member companies now use the opportunity to have their new specialists trained by us — in basic training and in more advanced stages of the apprenticeship period such as intermediate and final exams.

The perfect start to your career

The aim of this measure is to give young people a good start in their career through qualified training and to support training enterprises in the region. Modern training is to be provided over the long term that gives all graduates and the employing companies reliable prospects.


What we offer

The C + P training center provides training, retraining, and advanced training for the following professions:

  • Construction mechanic
  • Machinery and plant operator
  • Specialist in metal technology
  • Mechatronics engineer
  • Process mechanic
  • Construction mechanic
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Electronics technician
  • Technical product designer
  • Technical model builder
  • Tool mechanic
  • Foundry mechanic
  • Production mechanic
  • Plant mechanic
  • Packaging mechanic

More information:


C + P Bildung GmbH 

Bernd Feige 
Boxbachstraße 1 
35236 Breidenbach
Tel. +49 (0) 64 65 / 919-139 
Fax +49 (0) 64 65 / 919-229

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