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Go Ducks!

"We wanted a type of locker that had never been seen before. C + P really picked up the ball and ran with it, exceeding our expectations." (Randy Stegmeier, interior designer, Firm 151)

The new home of the Oregon Ducks, the football team of the University of Oregon, is a unique and pioneering project in a class of its own. The Football Performance Center is based on an integrated approach, that combines architecture and interior fittings, coordinating them perfectly to meet the players’ needs. The facade made of glass, granite, and metal expresses both lightness and strength. Despite appearing impenetrable and mysterious from the outside, the center is light and airy on the inside.

The interior fittings are equally complex.

The attention to detail is reflected in the care that was taken in planning. The planners never lost sight of the actual focus of the project: the well-being of the players. Every aspect of their daily lives was considered carefully, from learning and nutrition to medical care and leisure time, and everything was coordinated down to the finest detail.


Luxurious, high-efficiency, and ergonomic equipment

While the equipment is luxurious, it is also highly efficient and has an ergonomic design. The entire concept is geared toward acquiring the best players and taking the Oregon Ducks team to the top of the college football national championships in the future.


Project data

  • Property: Hatfield-Downlin Complex
  • Sector: Sport
  • Client: Hoffman Construction
  • Architectural office: ZGF, Portland, OR
  • Interior design: Firm 151 - Randy Stegmeier
  • Volume: 145.000 ft²
  • C + P products used: Assembled box lockers (Prefino), Cegano conference tables
  • C + P services: Planning, delivery, and installation

The task

The aim was to create an innovative locker in a class of its own that is able to meet the special requirements of this project.


The modern esthetic design takes it inspiration from the sport, which revolves around speed and strength. The purist appearance with steel body and elegant Corian fronts conceals an interior where every detail has been given full attention to give the players every possible comfort.

Proper storage of the players’ equipment was one of the most important aspects of the development. Accordingly, C + P developed a smart pull-out for helmets and shoulder pads to accommodate the players’ needs.There is sufficient space for storage of personal items. Even shoes in large sizes can be stored away neatly. Furthermore, the locker is equipped with technical features such as a power supply and the option of wireless cell phone charging.

The locker is fully ventilated, so no unpleasant odors can develop. There are no visible ventilation elements to impair the visual appearance. In this way, with constant discussions with the client, an outcome was achieved that upholds the character of the facility and also makes its own mark. 


  • The special pull-out with convenient tilt, designed in-house, makes it easy to remove player equipment such as shoulder pads and helmets
  • Stainless steel drawer, suitable for XXL shoes
  • Integrated solution for wireless charging of smartphones. Uses the international “Qi” standard
  • Changing rooms with the stunning football lockers. Also fitted with comfortable carpets, Italian leather lounge furniture, and even gaming stations for the athletes

Everything perfectly organized

Sophisticated logistics is needed to guarantee supplies for a large football team.

In addition to the 125 lockers for the players, C + P also fitted 20 lockers for the coaches and equipment compartments for the individual players.

The assembled box lockers used to distribute equipment to the players are open at the back. The backs of the lockers can only be accessed by the equipment manager, who fills the compartments. The players can then remove their equipment from their personal compartment on their way to training. The compartments are opened by an electronic combination lock.

The coaches’ lockers are sleek and elegant. The purist design is continued here. The body is made of steel and the doors of Corian.

Like the players’ lockers, they are also equipped with a power supply and wireless charging modules—the only difference is that the pull-out for shoulder pads and helmet is replaced with an ordinary shelf.

The players’ equipment lockers

The lockers have open backs so they can be filled by the equipment manager. The compartments are locked by an electronic offline locking system that is opened with an individual code.

The coaches’ changing room is designed in a glossy white. The personal compartments are labeled with the name and the motto “Win The Day.” 

Project Report: