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Safe storage for flat items & collections

Steel plan and drawing cabinets from C + P also known as multi-drawer cabinets provide storage space for flat items such as graphic printouts, posters, historical plans, construction drawings, images, and more.

The drawing cabinets are predominantly used in museums, public offices, and architectural offices. Various drawer inserts can be used to adapt the multi-functional cabinets for orderly storage of collections such as coins, cars, and watches, and also sample collections or office supplies. 


  • Perfect for storing drawings in DIN formats: DIN A0 or DIN A1
  • Flexible internal division for various applications
  • Highly user-friendly thanks to various sub-frame options
  • Two cabinets can be stacked for practical use

Drawing cabinet DIN A1

  • for formats up to DIN A1
  • Centrally lockable
  • Fully extendable drawers

Drawing cabinet DIN A0

  • for formats up to DIN A0
  • Centrally lockable
  • With drawers extendable by 4/5 optionally with full extension slide


Drawing protected from rolling up in the drawing cabinet

To protect items such as drawings and other documents from rolling up in the plan cabinet, all pull-outs are equipped with a pressure device at the front and a cover strip at the back. Furthermore, the drawers have a self-closing system and can be extended by 4/5 in combination with a full extension slide. Each drawer has a load capacity of 40 kg. The drawer bottoms can be partitioned by increments, allowing for customized division. The flat graphics cabinet is thus suitable for a wide range of applications. The extremely sturdy rail guide comes with a 10-year warranty. 


Advantages of C + P plan and drawing cabinets

  • 10-year warranty on rail guide
  • Load capacity per drawer 40 kg
  • Drawer bottoms can be partitioned by increments for customized division

Plan and drawing cabinets can be customized

Body and panels of the multi-drawer cabinets are available in various colors.  The ergonomic and highly elegant bow-shaped handles in matt chrome complete the timeless design. The central locking system with two keys protects the items stored in the cabinet.


Displaying exhibits at the museum

Plan and drawing cabinets are mainly used in museums as depot cabinets. To store exhibits that are only put on display for particular events, mainly the version with double panel and tray height is used.