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Changing rooms for real performers

Whatever you call it — a fitness club, fitness center, health club, or gym — every fitness mecca faces a challenge: how to satisfy such a wide range of tastes and requirements. 

And this is not only an issue in the training area. It also involves the reception area, fresh foods, service, price packages, and, of course, the changing rooms. In sports facilities in particular, the changing room is the second most important space after the training area. It is where you prepare for your workout or talk to other fitness enthusiasts. 

The changing room in a gym needs to be designed for a variety of functions. On the one hand, it should provide the option to allow to get quickly changed. On the other hand, the environment should also encourage members to talk to each other. Last but not least, it should be possible to store everything you do not need during training locked away safely. Lockers, benches, and security compartments should match the look and feel of the gym. Classic gyms, which are more reminiscent of old boxing clubs, should not be equipped with fanciful designer furniture. 

Entire spatial concepts or individual furniture items - we are the experts

C + P can draw on almost 100 years of expertise in designing and producing lockers and can perfectly integrate entire spatial concepts or individual furniture items and lockers into the overall look. As a full-service provider, we assist customers from the initial sketch to the final implemented detail and ensure that everything runs smoothly — with no strain on the muscles. 


Suitable changing room benches need to be used, for example, to allow people to chat or to concentrate entirely on themselves as they change. There should be areas where groups can get ready together and converse. On the other hand, it should also be possible to quickly change your shoes and store your keys and other valuables in a security compartment. 

where Training begins and ends

A workout begins in the changing room and this is also where it ends. Preparation and wind-down, or simply a routine chat — the changing room is an important brand ambassador. Is it modern? Are there enough seats and storage places? Does it invite you to linger and socialize? Does it blend in with the overall gym design? No matter what criteria a changing room needs to fulfill, it should leave a lasting impression — and a positive one. This is what we are dedicated to achieving, as an expert in lockers and furniture solutions. 

The changing room as a social space

Each individual defines fitness in their own way. There are lone wolves, training partners who motivate each other, and even small groups who work out together. As a sports facility, the gym needs to have an interior that meets the needs of all visitors, including its furniture and fitness equipment. The changing room is no exception here. 


Steel - the green fingerprint

The material steel forms the basis of production at C + P. No other material has a comparable number of positive qualities. 

The benefits of steel:

  • Sustainability — steel is 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for moving — steel furniture can be relocated as desired
  • Durability — furniture made from steel is particularly long-lasting
  • Security — high level of burglary protection when used with suitable locking system
  • Individual design possibilities — through wide color range and combination with other materials
  • Hygiene — steel is particularly easy to clean and hygienic
  • Fire protection — steel does not support the spread of fire
  • Ventilation — louvers can easily be integrated into steel furniture

Are you looking for an expert partner for furnishings? Then C + P is just right for you!


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