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Partition wall systems from the C + P subsidiary Bauwandsystem create and divide rooms in offices, administration and production.
You can expect innovative partition wall solutions for state-of-the-art office architecture and a wide variety of products.

Building Wall Double Glazing

Double glazing with good sound insulation. Privacy protection by internal blinds.


Building Wall Fineline

During building wall fineline, the glazing is mounted in two separate aluminum frames so that the glass partition can be opened on one side at any time, e.g. for inserting blinds.
-> Filigree appearance due to narrow glass frame.




The glass partition wall MONOTOP® impresses with excellent design, high transparency and lightness.


RG Wall

The RG wall is a slim, frameless glass partition wall.
Without vertical connecting profiles, a full-surface glazing with great room transparency is created.


Building Wall Solid

Variable solid wall with a wall thickness of 106 mm.
Both sides 19 mm panels are available with different surfaces.


* with the kind support of the company Bauwandsystem GmbH
-> to the terms and conditions (DE)


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