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For especially sensitive data

Enhanced theft protection and fire protection

Flame-resistant steel cabinets from C + P can be used wherever stricter standards apply for the safe storage of sensitive data and other items. Common areas of application are HR, accounting, administration, and public institutions.

The cabinets provide enhanced theft protection and fire protection. The flame-resistant steel cabinets are non-flammable to DIN 4102. Their special theft protection is mainly the result of the five-bolt lock system, a special type of safety lock.


  • Perfect for protecting especially sensitive data
  • Highly theft-proof thanks to stable door locks and special safety locks
  • Non-flammable to DIN 4102
  • Relatively light weight for easy transport and for rooms with limited floor load capacity

C + P flame-resistant cabinets Certos

  • Double-walled design in conjunction with 25 mm-thick special insulating plates in the cavities provides enhanced protection from theft and fire
  • Despite being highly stable, the flame-resistant steel cabinets are relatively light in weight. This makes them easy to transport and also suitable for rooms with limited floor load capacity
  • The load capacity per shelf is 70 kg, and with reinforcements the load capacity can be raised to 90 to 110 kg
  • Various interior fittings enable flexible use