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pCon.planner — free 3D room planner software

Plan rooms and furnishings with pCon.planner

With pCon.planner you can draw three-dimensional room plans and design them with accurate details—thanks to the versatile drawing tools, the only limit is your imagination. In addition to designing individual architecture and property sketches, objects can also be easily adjusted. The combination of the 3D pCon.planner and the C + P furniture data packet enables professional and intuitive property planning. You can also insert CAD models into your plans in various formats such as DWG, SKP, 3DS, and more. 

Create impressive images & share information

Create renderings quickly and easily in outstanding quality.

With the pCon.planner, even beginners can produce professional images with ease. Scale drawings, drawing header, and logo can be depicted clearly on just one sheet of paper. This means that you can prepare important information for your customers with precision.

pCon.update—update the 3D room planner automatically

You already use pCon.update?

C + P data packet updates can be implemented automatically: Here you can find additional information including a video tutorial for pCon.update.

Always have the latest data for spatial planning

Using pCon.update means you will always have the latest OFML planning data. pCon.update makes the C + P product data available via the Internet. The data is updated and installed via a wizard. This can be also fully automated, if desired.

The following steps can be performed in just five minutes. You can watch video tutorials on the individual steps here as required.

Setting up pCon.update step by step

Your registration as a pCon.update user is performed via the Internet and is fully automated.

  • Click the following link to start the registration:
  • The registration page is displayed. Please fill out all fields carefully and check your entries! Once you have confirmed your entries, you will be sent an e-mail from pCon.update.
  • Click the link in the e-mail to activate your login. This step is required for security reasons. It ensures that no third parties can use your e-mail address to register with pCon.update.
  • The activation is forwarded to the pCon.update service team. They check the data that you have entered. You login will shortly be activated by the pCon.update service team.
  • Once your user account has been activated successfully, the pCon.update service team will send you a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail will also include a link to continue the registration process. You can now download the latest version of pCon.dataClient and complete the registration.
  • To receive the C + P OFML data, the data must first be activated for you by the publisher. The application for this is sent together with your registration. Activation may take up to two working days. 
  • With the login details that have been created, you can now log in to the EasternGraphics portal at any time and see which publishers have been activated for you. If activation of your data takes longer, you can make another application in the portal.
  • After activation from the publisher, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation and the activation will also be displayed in the EasternGraphics portal.
  • Install the pCon.dataClient and then start it.

  • Use your user data to log in to the data client. The client will then check the available publishers and offer them for installation. Select C + P Möbelsysteme and click on install.

  • The data client will then download the required data. Once this has been completed, you can use the C + P furniture in pCon.planner.