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Ergo-Lock 4.0 — dependable & wear-resistant

Enhanced development of the patented grip lock “Ergo-Lock”

The new Ergo-Lock 4.0 is compatible with the installation opening that has been used in the predecessor model since 2013. This means that your existing lockers can also be retrofitted with the new Ergo-Lock 4.0.

What are the advantages of the new Ergo-Lock 4.0?

  • An even more sophisticated look modern and contemporary. Blends in with any room and makes your locker unmistakable.
  • “Simply press to close” mechanism (patent pending). You can close the locker easily even when your hands are full.
  • Exchangeable cylinder, subsequent replacement, simultaneous locking. Anything is possible! Remain open to future change and safeguard the security of your investment.
  • Compatible locking systems with PIN code or transponder in the same look. Instead of keys, you can use PIN code or transponder in the same design to suit your security needs. As a full-fledged electronic offline lock, the Ergo-Lock 4.0 is fully state of the art.

Ergo-Lock 4.0 ̶ various lock variants

Mechanical locking system

  • Exchangeable cylinder
  • 1000 key numbers
  • Two keys per lock
  • Standard design in all Acurado hinged-door cabinets

Technical data ERGO-LOCK 4.0

PIN code lock

  • Motorized locking bolt
  • 4 numbers
  • 4–8-digit codes possible
  • Visual function feedback (green/red)
  • Master key code
  • Application range +5 to +40 °C
  • Battery 30,000 openings / approx. 3 years

Technical data ERGO-Lock 4.0 PIN

Transponder lock

  • Motorized locking bolt
  • Transponder type MIFARE® DESFire®
  • Can be integrated into existing admission control systems
  • USB programming interface
  • Visual function feedback (green/red)
  • Master code transponder card
  • Management software available as an option
  • Application range +5 to +40 °C
  • Battery lasts for roughly 30,000 openings / approx. 3 years

Technical data ERGO-LOCK 4.0 RFID