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Cabinets with drawers for workshop, warehouse & factory

Workshop drawer cabinets from C + P are the perfect storage space solution for bringing order to daily work. Whether it is in the workshop, warehouse, or factory, the robust steel drawer cabinets are suitable for all kinds of applications. Tools and other work materials can be stored safely in the drawers.


Divide up drawers optimally for customized use

Compartment dividers and card index boxes can be selected to adjust the drawers to suit your specific needs. For example, when small parts such as screws and nails need to be stored separately in the drawer cabinet.  


C + P workshop drawer cabinets series 87

  • Sturdy steel construction with high-quality enamel coating
  • Different designs for a wide variety of applications
  • Central locking system with 2 keys
  • Optimum tilt resistance thanks to secure locking of individual drawers
  • Drawer pull-outs with heavy-duty rail for heavy use
  • High load capacity per pull-out:
  • 75 kg when fully extended
  • 200 kg when fully extended on request
  • Full-width horizontal handle bar, can be labeled across the entire surface
  • Two attractive color combinations
  • Functional interior fittings