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Relaxation from start to finish

Quiet, relaxation, and getting away from it all — this is what people want when they visit wellness & spa resorts.

Whether it is a sauna, massage, sport activities, or meditation, the aim is always to relax body and mind. The best way to ensure that this journey is successful is for everyday life to be left behind as soon as visitors enter the changing room. For this reason it is important to create the right atmosphere. 

With C + P lockers and furniture solutions, this journey of relaxation begins in the changing room. You leave your clothes in the locker, and also your jewelry and ideally even your smartphone. All your valuables can be stowed away in a small cabinet. You can relax in the knowledge that everything is stored safely. 


In with relaxation, out with day-to-day stress — this is how things should be.

However, not only the lockers but also the benches need to blend in with the overall ambience. Plenty of space combined with different colors and materials results in an atmosphere perfectly suited to relaxation. It also means that a few pleasant hours or a whole day at the wellness and spa resort is a much calmer experience, that does not come to an abrupt end when you leave the sauna or the steam bath. True connoisseurs can be given an extended spa experience with the right changing room. 

As an expert in lockers and furniture solutions, C + P supports the customer as a partner from the start of planning and selection of the right lockers and furniture through to the final installation. Thanks to our numerous projects in a wide range of industries, we understand the importance of an overarching concept. Only a well-rounded appearance can give the user an uninterrupted pleasant experience. Selecting the right material can often make all the difference between success and failure.

Steel - the green fingerprint

The material steel forms the basis of production at C + P. There is no other material with comparable qualities. In various coatings or adhesive films, it can give any changing room the desired atmosphere — naturally even in a wellness and spa center. 

The benefits of steel:

  • Sustainability — steel is 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for moving — steel furniture can be relocated as desired
  • Durability — furniture made from steel is particularly long-lasting
  • Security — high level of burglary protection when used with suitable locking system
  • Individual design possibilities — through wide color range and combination with other materials
  • Hygiene — steel is particularly easy to clean and hygienic
  • Fire protection — steel does not support the spread of fire
  • Ventilation — louvers can easily be integrated into steel furniture

Locker - from classic to high-end

Store clothing and other items safely in your personalized locker. Thanks to the large selection of different locker series, C + P can fulfill individual customer requirements — on time and in top quality. We have been a partner in the market as a specialist for steel locker concepts since 1925.