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For modern offices

Changing workplaces

The workplace is changing — more and more companies are using flexible work environments. The result is modern offices with different areas for communication, concentration, creativity, and relaxation.

More than just storage space

The changing office poses new requirements with regard to storage space. In addition to providing personal storage space, storage space solutions now need to create privacy, divide up rooms, and increase the comfort factor in the room.


C + P Assembled box locker solutions

With two different assembled box locker lines, C + P provides flexible storage space solutions for modern office spaces that cater to the individual needs of various users.


Applications & functions

  • Sense of well-being: The combination of fresh colors, natural materials, and plants increases the well-being in the room.
  • Privacy: Divide up open-plan offices into various zones and create privacy for the workers.
  • Personal storage space: Security compartments for personal valuables — ideal for various users such as mobile workers or visitors.
  • Workplace organization: Storage space close to the workstation for organization for workers with fixed workstations.

Security & durability

Assembled box lockers made from steel are particularly durable and together with a suitable locking system, they offer particularly high burglary protection. Certified according to DIN 4547.

  • Sustainability & suitability for moving: Minimizing waste and suitability for moving is an important factor in choosing furnishings — steel furniture is 100% recyclable and can be relocated easily.
  • Personalization: Personalized security compartments in various models promote organization in a flexible work environment.
  • Electrification: Security compartments with a power supply allow laptops and the like to be charged — via power supply or wireless charging as a high-end solution.

Secure steel storage space solutions from C + P

For the various facets of modern workplaces

Security compartment line PREFINO

PREFINO meets the strict function requirements of various users. Thanks to its wide variety of dimension variants and security compartment options, it extends beyond standard market ranges.


Product information

  • Sturdy, durable steel structure
  • Functional modular system with overlay doors
  • Torsion-resistant, double-walled steel fronts or HPL decor fronts
  • 90° door opening limiter and doorstop silencer for optimum closing
  • Varied compartment sizes to meet every need
  • Different locking systems to choose from
  • Electrification options in the compartments

Are you looking for an expert partner for furnishings? Then C + P is just right for you!


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