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Locking systems — for safe storage

Locks for lockers and cabinets

C + P lockers and cabinets are fitted with cylinder locks, turning bolts, or Ergo-Lock locks as standard. All standard locks available on the market can also be chosen. Whether mechanical or electronic, we can provide advice on all variants.

Ergo-Lock mechanical locking system

  • An even more sophisticated look - modern and contemporary
  • Blends in with any room and makes your locker unmistakable.
  • “Simply press to close” mechanism (patent pending)
  • You can close the locker cleanly even when your hands are full.
  • Exchangeable cylinder, subsequent replacement, simultaneous locking  ̶   
    anything is possible!

Turning bolt latch for padlock

  • Turning bolt latch for padlock as practical basic equipment

Safety turning bolt for padlock

  • Destruction of the lock mechanism by turning too far is prevented, as the lock cylinder only clicks into place once the padlock has been removed.

Cylinder locks (up to 1000, 6000, 10000 key numbers)

  • As plate cylinder, pin cylinder, or dimple lock.

Cylinder locks with master key system

  • Master key systems are systems with a hierarchical structure. One or more higher-level keys can lock all the cylinders in the system. The single keys, on the other hand, can only lock the one particular lock cylinder that they were made for.

Coin-operated deposit locks as deposit lock or token operated lock SAFE-O-MAT

  • As a deposit or token-operated lock with practical twin coin function and as ticket-operated lock.

Ticket-operated locks

  • The practical solutions typically used in swimming pools: The entrance ticket redeemed at the machine also serves as a deposit. Staff IDs or club cards can also be used.

Mechanical combination lock W 1401 and W 1402

  • The locking system has a freely programmable combination lock and a master lock cylinder with service key. With the new anti-spy technology and the quick-reset function, the locks set new standards in terms of security and ease of administration. The locks are purely mechanical, fully maintenance-free locking systems.

Electronic online locking systems

Ergo-Lock 4.0 – PIN code lock

  • Motorized locking bolt
  • 4 numbers
  • 4–8-digit codes possible
  • Visual function feedback (green/red)
  • Master key code
  • Application range +5 to +40 °C
  • Battery 30,000 openings / approx. 3 years
  • Silver color frame as standard

Ergo-Lock ̶ transponder lock

  • Motorized locking bolt
  • Transponder type MIFARE® DESFire®
  • Can be integrated into existing admission control systems
  • USB programming interface
  • Visual function feedback (green/red)
  • Master code transponder card
  • Management software available as an option
  • Application range +5 to +40 °C
  • Battery lasts for roughly 30,000 openings / approx. 3 years
  • Silver color frame as standard

Offline PIN locks

  • The simple solution with any choice of PIN code. Perfect wherever keys or data carriers are not wanted.

Offline RFID locks SAFE-O-TRONIC®

  • Electronic locking system with press function and various forms of data carrier integration. 
  • Variable locking system with multiple operating variants from PIN code and transponder to NFC technology.

Electronic online locking systems:

Online locking system with central info terminal, with PIN or transponder/data carrier

  • While the compartment is opened by the data carrier at the locker directly, the central display provides information on occupied status and which compartments are vacant.

Online locking system with central control unit, with PIN or transponder/data carrier

  • The locker is opened centrally either with the data carrier or by PIN code.