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Customized solutions for specific education strategies

Furniture solutions and lockers for education applications may well be the most challenging storage solutions.

For a target group between 3 and 30 years of age, there are many directives and regulations that need to be observed. Each educational institution needs to be analyzed individually and provided with solutions that fulfill both current requirements and potential future needs. C + P is committed to achieving this, with integrated furniture solutions and lockers — individual and in top quality.

The ideal locker for each target group

Whether it is for a child, teenager, young adult, or adult, the ideal locker caters to the specified needs of its target group, taking into account all major parameters and legal requirements. 


In educational institutions in particular there are clear guidelines that must be observed. In nurseries, schools, and colleges alike, the days keep getting longer for pupils and students, which also means that they have increasing amounts of learning material to bring with them. To ensure that this does not harm their health — especially for younger target groups — it is important to provide sufficient storage space.


While the very youngest do not struggle with heavy school bags, they still need many things to be stored. Waterproof pants, a change of clothes, rubber boots, rucksacks, slippers, and much more needs to be stored safely. Even the artworks, that the children make during the day, need to be kept in a safe place until home time. Lockers need to be designed so that children can fill it and take things out themselves. Security, intuitive use, and durability are factors that we pride ourselves on. Nursery lockers and school lockers should ideally be easy to clean and have a smooth bottom. Colorful doors are popular with small children and create a pleasant atmosphere in group rooms and in corridors.

Schools and universities

Sometimes, school pupils and students have just as much on their mind as in their bulging rucksacks and satchels. While we cannot help with their mental chaos, C + P can bring a little tidiness to their day-to-day life with furniture solutions for schools and colleges, benefiting their health at the same time. Text books, exercise books, sports equipment, laptops, and various odds and ends are carried around all day. An individual locker can provide tidiness as well as physical relief. The lock variants of the lockers also play an important role. Simple turning bolt latches that can be operated easily and without key management are particularly suitable for school lockers.

Steel - the green fingerprint

The material steel forms the basis of production at C + P. No other material has a comparable number of positive qualities. 

The benefits of steel:

  • Sustainability — steel is 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for moving — steel furniture can be relocated as desired
  • Durability — furniture made from steel is particularly long-lasting
  • Security — high level of burglary protection when used with suitable locking system
  • Individual design possibilities — through wide color range and combination with other materials
  • Hygiene — steel is particularly easy to clean and hygienic
  • Fire protection — steel does not support the spread of fire
  • Ventilation — louvers can easily be integrated into steel furniture

The thinking behind the concept

Functionality and compliance with guidelines and regulations are an absolute must. For this reason, furniture used in colleges and schools must be functional, ergonomic, and appropriate for the user’s age. Each compartment must be easy for the user to reach so they can fill and empty the locker easily. C + P is your expert partner for producing customized concepts and furniture. 


Locker - from classic to high-end

Store clothing and other items safely in your personalized locker. Thanks to the large selection of different locker series, C + P can fulfill individual customer requirements — on time and in top quality. We have been a partner in the market as a specialist for steel locker concepts since 1925. 


security compartments - secure storage

Keep personal valuables locked away safely in the security compartment. So you can concentrate fully on your work without having to worry about your valuables. 

reliable theft protection and fire protection

Using the locker is a good way to safely lock away personal belongings and valuables during the break or during a sports lesson. At college, it can be useful to store personal items safely before entering the library. Our lockers provide reliable theft protection. All objects stored in the locker are thus safe at all times and also protected from fire, as the lockers comply with fire protection regulations.  

Good ventilation is a must

Children are particularly prone to leaving books and old sports clothes in their lockers for longer periods. To prevent unpleasant odors from developing, each door is equipped with ventilation slots. This enables air to circulate in the interior and means that no unpleasant odor escapes the next time the locker is opened. Furthermore, the surfaces are robust and easy to clean.