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Furniture solutions for greening, climate, acoustics & air purification

Climate Office from C + P contains integrated and sustainable furniture solutions for climate, air purification, acoustics, and greening. 

Developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, the future-proof products, made from low-waste material steel, combined with plants and water create the perfect sense of well-being in interior spaces. The key aims here are to:

  • Optimize the interior climate and
  • increase human comfort.

Comfort factor: green, water, & acoustically effective materials

Based on the principles of biophilic design, plants, water, and acoustically effective materials are used to improve the room’s:

  • noise levels,
  • air quality,
  • room temperature and
  • relative humidity

The love of living things

As early as 1964, social psychologists were working on the concept of “biophilia” — the love of life or of living things. Later on, the concept was taken up by biologist Edward Wilson. He posed the hypothesis that people have a genetically determined need to be in harmony with nature. Based on the biophilia hypothesis, Kellert and co. developed the concept of biophilic design: bringing people close to nature in their manufactured environment.

Excessively dry air is bad for your health

According to a health report from the health insurance company DAK, respiratory diseases are one of the most common reasons for employees to take sick leave. Rooms with excessively dry air irritate the human body’s mucous membranes. The consequences: irritation of the nose, eyes, mouth, and skin. In the winter months in particular, flu viruses can multiply much faster in dry air.

The advantages of green walls, plant objects, & water walls

  • Healthy humidity
  • Improved room acoustics
  • Purified air

Workplace 4.0 — healthy work environments for satisfied employees

The advances of digitization are forcing companies to respond to new organizational, technological, and spatial requirements in workplace configuration. The challenge: Efficient use of floor space needs to be designed in a way that is compatible with healthy, performance-promoting work environments.

Green plants, stand-up walls, sound absorbers, & cabinets as a solution?

To combine the two, many companies bring plants, stand-up walls, and sound absorbers into the interior. Money is also invested in cabinets. Not only for storage space but also to divide up rooms and create privacy. Unfortunately, it is often the case that all these measures are not backed up by any actual strategy, with analysis of the costs and benefits.

Interiors designed holistically with biophilic design

Biophilic design principles are used as a basis to bring a little nature into the work environment in the form of natural elements such as water and plants. The aim is to create a healthy indoor climate and to increase human comfort.


At C + P, analytic and design consultation is therefore a focal issue. This is the best possible way to combine design, function, and cost-effectiveness in room design. The furniture solutions of the Climate Office product series meet the requirements for a healthy and performance-promoting workplace. At the same time, the products give architects and planners creative freedom.


In addition to pleasant indoor air quality, the acoustics also play a major role in the work environment. Various areas such as work, rest, and discussion zones must be divided up logically to optimize the room volume and ensure sufficient speech intelligibility. In addition to partitions, mobile space-partitioning is also an option in this context, which can be deployed flexibly according to needs.


Green areas, water elements, and pleasant lighting in the work environment have a positive effect on the workforce, studies have shown. Cognitive skills and creativity are increased, health is promoted, and levels of comfort are enhanced.


At the same time, using plants and water walls creates a link with nature, which brings harmony to body and mind. The interplay between green walls, wooden slats as privacy partitions, water walls, and other plant elements creates zones that provide a high level of relaxation.


Well-being and motivation in the workplace is not only an important issue in the office. Even in production halls and workshops, applying biophilic design principles can significantly improve motivation and reduce sick leave.


With acoustically effective climate and water walls and plant elements, C + P provides innovative and low-waste solutions for a beneficial indoor climate and pleasant acoustics. Manufactured from the low-waste material steel or stainless steel, the various product solutions from the Climate Office program are the perfect foundation for a green and healthy work environment.


The walls and plants function as natural space-partitioning while also increasing the room’s comfort factor. The combination of wall greening and flowing water creates a pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to the large absorption surface and low reverberation, plants also have a positive effect on the indoor acoustics. As a natural climate system, a green wall also cleans the air and simultaneously increases humidity. Unhealthy germs are filtered out of the air. A water wall humidifies the air and purifies it. The result is a healthy comforting atmosphere.


What solutions for interior greening, air humidification, and partitioning space does C + P offer?

Green walls — individual & flexible wall greening

Green walls provide a pleasant indoor climate and optimize the acoustics of the room. C + P provides diverse variants for greening walls. Individual fitting with your choice of individual plant pots is also possible.

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Hedge elements — planted walls as mobile space-partitioning

Mobile hedge elements are natural plant partitions that serve to absorb sound and shield open rooms. As high-efficiency air filters, they provide optimum indoor air quality. At the same time, they also function as natural plant space-partitioning. The plant insert is equipped with a hydroculture system and the stable frame functions as a trellis.

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Sideboard planters — pleasant atmosphere & acoustics

Sideboard planters not only bring a piece of nature into the office, they also improve acoustics in combination with acoustically effective micro-perforations.

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Plant cubes — greening indoor areas & improving acoustics

Plant cubes are perfect for greening indoor areas. Combined with the optional acoustically effective micro-perforation, they can be used flexibly to improve acoustics.

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Water walls — cooling & humidifying indoor air

C + P water walls with stainless steel water trays, also known as indoor fountains, are functional air humidifiers. They bring about a healthy and pleasant room climate indoors. A thin film of water flows over a vertical glass wall (either on one or both sides) and passive evaporation causes water to be released into the indoor air. Excess humidity in the air is prevented. C + P water walls are available in various models.

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