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The logo consists of the word mark "CP" in combination with the figurative mark, the rounded diamond. The word mark and figurative mark may not be distorted, compressed, recolored, cropped, distorted or overthrown.


The company name is always spelled in capital letters and supplemented by a plus sign. In addition, attention must be paid to the space before and after the plus sign: C + P.

Protection zone

No other elements should be placed in a certain area around the logo. This protection zone results from 1/3 of the width of the logo in the standard application.

Logo alignment

The logo is always placed horizontally. The logo must not be placed upside down.

Logo sizes

The logo size is determined depending on the media. For media up to DIN A4, it is 20 mm. From DIN A3 format, the logo scales proportionally. The smallest logo application must not be less than 10 mm wide.

Logo variants

To ensure perfect legibility of the logo in any possible size, there are two logo variants, which are optimized in the spacing between the letters as well as the stroke widths.

Logo standard size

In the standard size, the logo is used for all applications in which it can be used from a width of 16 mm and larger (variant 1).

Logo small

If the logo has to be used smaller than 16 mm in width, there is a variant optimized in the spacing and line widths (variant 2), which is used on ballpoint pens, for example.

Color versions

The logo is preferably used in black on a white background. The logo can also be used in white on a black background. The logo can be placed in both black and white on colored backgrounds or image elements. Care should be taken to place the logo in black on light backgrounds and in white on dark backgrounds to ensure sufficient contrast and legibility.