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Store personal valuables safely

Security lockers from C + P, also known as small compartment lockers, provide lockable storage space in compact dimensions for secure safekeeping of personal belongings such as wallet, jewelry, smartphone, and keys. Mini security compartments are used wherever private belongings need to be left behind.

Durable lockers for high security

The robust assembled box lockers made from the low-waste material steel provide the required security thanks to their high stability and also boast increased fire protection. Stored items are thus optimally protected from unauthorized access. 


  • Space-saving
  • Secure storage of personal valuables such as wallet or car keys
  • Various compartment models available
  • Made from steel for high stability, security, and increased fire protection

Where are security lockers used?

Security lockers are mainly used in applications with large numbers of users or employees. The application areas are particularly varied because of the range of requirements. Assembled box lockers are often used by multiple people.

Communal rooms & public facilities

Companies give their staff security compartments in communal rooms to store their personal belongings. To enable visitors to public facilities such as museums and libraries to lock away their valuables, small security compartments are often provided in cloakrooms and changing areas.

Stations, schools, swimming pools, & wellness

Assembled box lockers with small compartments are also installed in stations and schools. Furthermore, visitors to swimming pools and wellness facilities also use security compartments as well as lockers. The potential applications are just as diverse as the various models that C + P provides.

Events, malls, and trade fairs

When large crowds of visitors come together, it is vital for them to have storage space where they can store their personal belongings safely. After all, they should be free to focus on the experience itself rather than worrying about their valuables. Assembled box lockers with compact dimensions are thus also used here.

C + P security lockers — each security compartment can be used individually

  •  High-quality enamel coating for high UV- and corrosion-resistance
  • Smooth doors with doorstop silencer to damp noise
  • Various colors for body and doors possible based on wide range of RAL colors
  • Version on base possible as well as wall-mounted version
  • Various locking systems may be used