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For professional catering

Mobile serving trolleys for the office and more

Catering caddies from C + P are real all-rounders for professional catering. They are very commonly used in conferences, in the office, or in other function rooms. First-class mobility of the mobile serving trolleys is provided by four maxi-casters, with the front two lockable. This means you can quickly and easily move from one room to the next and take your utensils with you.

Cutlery compartment and space for dishes in the drawers

Cutlery and dishes can easily be placed in the corresponding drawers. The robust surface of the service trolley, an HPL top, provides an additional storage area for canapés, cookies, fresh fruit, and the like. Alternatively, the surface is also the perfect place to set up a laptop or a coffee machine a power connection is already integrated into the caddy.

Equipment & versions of the C + P catering caddies

  • Cable management & power connection
    The catering caddies have an integrated cable flap with double power connection, discreetly housed in the top cover.
  • Steel body 
    Double-walled & with body sound absorption
    The double-walled steel body has body sound absorption and thus pleasant sound levels.
  • Colors & decors
    Depending on your personal preference, you can choose colors such as pure white, light blue, or black gray for the body. For the panels, you can also choose colors such as ruby red, gentian blue, and many other colors.
  • Drawers with variable interior fittings
    The extendable drawers with self-closing system and soft-stop offer space for variable interior fittings. Depending on the model, the drawers contain cutlery compartments with small part drawers made from stainless steel, fittings for cups and glasses, storage space for plates and saucers, and stainless steel holders for coffee capsules.
  • Integrated trash can
    To collect waste tidily and discreetly, you can also configure the caddy interior to have a trash can with two compartments of equal size optionally with automatic opening.
  • Nespresso accessories for coffee connoisseurs
    Our portfolio also includes a solution for real connoisseurs of coffee, who value precision. The interior is perfectly tailored to Nespresso accessories and thus leaves nothing to be desired.

Cater to your guests with the mobile catering caddies

Explore the various options for guest catering and select your personal favorites. Whether it is the lounge area, conference room, or waiting room, the agile caddies from C + P will always cater to your needs!

Catering caddies

  • Drawer with cutlery compartment and small part drawer made from stainless steel

  • Drawer(s) with variable fittings for cups and glasses

  • Drawer for storing plates and saucers