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Pull-out cabinets the pharmacy cabinets for the office

Create storage space & privacy in the workplace

Pull-out cabinets from C + P provide storage space in the workplace while also providing privacy. The practical drawer cabinets thus have two impressive functions: storage space and space-partitioning. Produced from robust material steel, the cabinets stand out due to their high durability and increased fire protection. Thanks to the attractive design and the fine edges, the drawer cabinets can blend in harmoniously in a variety of rooms. 


  • Highly flexible as the cabinet backs can be retrofitted
  • Professional storage space directly next to the workstation
  • When expanded, enables rapid access to personal files & more
  • High user-friendliness
  • The cabinet at standing height provides acoustic and visual shielding and is a first point of contact for visitors

Cabinets in direct work environment promote organization

As part of the changes that workplaces are undergoing, more and more companies are optimizing their office spaces. Work areas are getting smaller. Particularly in open-plan offices, pull-out cabinets are used to create efficient storage space in the direct vicinity of the desk even when little floor space is available. The desk is kept tidy: all work material that is not needed can be simply stored in the cabinet. When the cabinet is expanded, the office materials kept in the pull-out can be accessed quickly and ergonomically. Equally, the pull-out provides privacy when retracted. When the pull-out is closed, it adds tidiness to the workplace. 


Lockable cabinet for high security

In many offices, the only available office cabinets are for general use. This means that anyone can access them. The practical pull-out cabinets provide private storage space directly next to the workstation. The pharmacy cabinet can be locked to keep the stored items protected from unauthorized access. 


C + P pull-out cabinets

  • Body made from durable steel structure
  • Diverse interior fittings and equipment possible
  • Pleasant sound levels thanks to body sound absorption
  • Front made from MCPB (melamine coated particle board) as standard, optionally in steel
  • Top cover made from MCPB as standard