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The perfect locker for every industry & application

Large product variety

As the requirements for a locker can differ greatly, C + P offers a large variety of products.

From a simple locker for basic requirements to an especially high-quality changing room solution to meet high technology and design standards. As a leading manufacturer in the locker sector, C + P can produce the optimum storage solutions for any industry and room situation.  Thanks to the diversity of complementary products from the same product series, individual customer requirements can be fulfilled.

C + P steel lockers

Long-lasting and sustainable

Manufactured from steel, a low-waste and long-lasting material, C + P lockers represent sustainability and stability.  Our sustainability philosophy ranges from manufacture to delivery and subsequent return to the material cycle. The steel lockers are 100% recyclable, are coated using an environmentally friendly coating method, and are generally delivered without packaging by our in-house logistics.

Suitability for moving and fire protection 

If your space needs change in the course of time, the lockers can be relocated quickly and easily. Another advantage is the fire protection. Unlike wooden lockers, steel lockers are highly flame retardant. Lockers made from steel are often used in facilities with particularly high fire protection requirements, such as educational institutions. 


  • Large product variety for various industries & users — from classic locker to customized high-end solution
  • Steel material: 100% recyclable and particularly long-lasting
  • Environmentally friendly coating procedure
  • Zero-packaging delivery thanks to internal logistics
  • Highly suitable for moving
  • Fire protection put into practice — steel is highly flame retardant

C + P lockers — overview of all product series

Furniture solutions for locker applications are one of C + P’s core competencies. To fulfill the wide range of customer requirements, lockers can be chosen from a total of four series. With the locker series CLASSIC, EVOLO, CAMBIO, and PREFINO, practically every customer requirement can be met.


CLASSIC locker — perfect for basic requirements


The lockers from the Classic series are entry-level models that meet far more than the typical basic requirements. The clothes lockers are predominantly used in industrial changing cubicles and other industrial facilities. They have special wardrobe rails with anti-rotation sliding hooks to ensure that clothes can be hung up tidily. A slot-in storage shelf provides additional space for storage, for example for bags.

Large vent slots in doors & bases


The bottom of the clothes locker is very easy to clean thanks to the smooth base — the perfect place to store shoes. Thanks to the Classic ventilation concept, the contents of the locker are perfectly ventilated and dried. The doors and the locker base have large vent slots to match the natural flow currents. For conventional ventilation, no additional ventilation equipment is therefore needed! The C + P ventilation concept goes significantly beyond the ventilation required by DIN 4547.

Compartments can be personalized as desired — perfect as staff locker


The doors, hinged on the right and fitted with box reinforcements, provide additional support for the stable steel locker. A padlock can be attached to the standard turning bolt latch, to protect against unauthorized access. The doorstop silencer also generates a gentle sound on closing. The stamped-in label holders allow the compartments to be personalized as desired. Choose your desired lockers with feet, base, or bench in various sizes. 


EVOLO PLUS lockers — for industry, fitness, spa, and sport


Evolo series lockers are predominantly used in modern industrial changing rooms. They are also often used in the changing rooms of gyms, sports centers, and spas because of their appealing design. When arranged in rows, multiple Evolo steel lockers have a harmonious appearance as they have delicate, narrow sides.


Storage space in the locker thanks to practical interior fittings

Clothes and towels can be hung up tidily on the special coat rail with anti-rotation double sliding hook. Storage space for other items is provided by the storage shelf above with upturn to prevent undesired slippage to the back.


Extra burglar-proof design & convenient clothing removal


The extra burglar-proof design is ensured thanks to the extremely torsion-resistant doors (which are hinged on the right) and the 54° internal incline inside the body.  This generates a high level of stability and clothing and even bulky bags are easier to remove. The smooth, easy-to-sweep compartment bottoms make cleaning straightforward, and even the ventilation holes are easy to clean.

Compartment widths, box heights, colors & decors

Depending on requirements, the Evolo lockers can be selected in various compartment widths and box heights. Thanks to the wide selection of colors and decors for bodies and doors, we can fulfill all kinds of customer requirements. The decor doors (MDF and HPL) are equipped with a door opening limiter as standard. The lockers can be selected with HPL decor doors to suit the particular spatial concept. 

CAMBIO lockers — highly customizable


The high-quality lockers from the Cambio series are suitable for special requirements and can blend in perfectly to all kinds of rooms as they are highly customizable.  Common areas of application include gyms and spas, medical facilities, and also industrial changing rooms.


Adjustable at any time

Thanks to the multi-functional step system, the compartment sizes of the steel lockers can be altered at any time — for example if a gym starts to attract more members. 

Product information

  • Sturdy steel construction with overlay doors and high-quality enamel coating
  • 54° internal inclination in the body — for high stability and simple, convenient removal of clothes and bags
  • Innovative ventilation with the SVL concept® as standard 
  • Fronts made of steel (single-walled, optionally double-walled and insulated) or HPL (optional) with wood decor for an even more appealing look
  • Door hinges for sheet-metal doors made from aluminum/plastic
  • Door hinges for HPL decor fronts made from stainless steel
  • 90° door opening limiter for outstanding closing characteristics as standard
  • Body and steel doors galvanized as standard
  • Standard design of the steel locker doors: Single-walled, reinforced steel doors for high stability as standard
  • Optional: Double-walled doors in sandwich design with body sound absorption thanks to integrated stable honeycomb cardboard for pleasant sound levels
  • As standard with cylinder lock and two keys 
  • Optimum air circulation due to defined ventilation spaces in front of and behind the bottom storage shelf
  • Stable wardrobe rail with an oval profile, four anti-rotation hooks with system holder, e.g. for coat hangers or movable partitions
  • Varied interior fitting solutions to meet every need
  • Slot-in shoe shelf, can easily be added by user
  • Height adjustment thanks to adjustable-height plastic feet, easy to use from inside and outside
  • Base height-adjustable
  • Corrosion protection thanks to wear-resistant plastic feet 
  • Sub-frame optionally with feet or base, or with spacious storage box or bench on request

PREFINO lockers - for especially strict design & technology requirements


The particularly high-quality lockers from the Prefino series meet the highest demands for convenience, the realization of technical details, and customizable design options. The large locker capacity is suitable for more extensive storage requirements.  Common areas of application include spa, fitness, and hygiene.


Diverse design options — in line with the architectural concept

With these lockers, the appearance of the furniture can be selected to match the architectural concept without compromise. Individually produced HPL decors, glass, real-wood veneers, and doors made of steel give you complete creative freedom: minimalist and clean, cozy or playful, conspicuous in the foreground or subtle behind other design components.