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The social platform

Employees spend roughly 25% of their day on company premises. When you spend so much of your time at work, it is important to socialize with your colleagues.

Brief chats at the coffee machine, longer conversations over lunch, or spontaneous brainstorming while munching on an apple — on-site communal rooms are the company’s social platform. 

Socializing and comfort are enormously important for employee efficiency. The extra comfort that modern office spaces provide is well-known by now. Gone are the days of just desks and chairs: Today’s offices use ingenious spatial concepts and intelligent furnishings that boost employee productivity. 


Promoting TeamSpirit

One thing that is often overlooked, however, is the on-site communal rooms. Whether it is changing rooms, recreation rooms, or break rooms, these are the places where life happens at the workplace. Day-to-day socializing between colleagues not only promotes team spirit: the various conversations about private and work topics also enhance loyalty to the company. Break rooms and recreation rooms need to fulfill different requirements to on-site changing rooms. . 

break and recreation rooms

As these rooms are designed to be used communally, they need to meet the demands of individuals and groups. This means that both individual and social factors need to be taken into account. The challenge is to develop an integrated furnishing concept that enables work, communication, and relaxation. C + P as an expertise partner provides support from the development of the initial ideas to the implementation — straightforwardly and from a single source. 

commercial and industrial changing rooms

Commercial and industrial changing rooms are mainly places to prepare for work and wind down afterward, take care of personal hygiene, and take well-needed breaks. Depending on the size of the company, they may need to offer lots of space while also enabling privacy. They are not only a place to get changed from casual clothes to work clothes: they are also used to have conversations with colleagues, about work and private life. Furthermore, they are a place where valuables such as cell phones, keys, jewelry, and other items are stored in lockers or security compartments. To enable these rooms to meet all requirements, the equipment is just as important as the spatial concept. Lockers, changing room benches, and security compartments must be incorporated into the concept perfectly. As a 360° solution provider with experience and expertise, C + P is the ideal partner here. 

on-site communal rooms need to be lived in

As a specialist in furnishing changing rooms and locker areas, C + P provides integrated furniture solutions for on-site communal rooms. From the classic locker for the on-site changing room to customized high-end changing rooms and even sophisticated spatial concepts, everything is possible with C + P. With our expertise, we maximize possibilities for communal rooms and create places where employees can relax the boundaries between private life and work. The revitalized rooms increase the cohesion of the team and promote conversation on work topics even outside of the actual work area. Ultimately, when breaks and times for getting changed are of better quality, productivity and efficiency is increased. 

Are you looking for an expert partner for furnishings? Then C + P is just right for you!


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Steel - the green fingerprint

The material steel forms the basis of production at C + P. No other material has a comparable number of positive qualities. 

The benefits of steel:

  • Sustainability — steel is 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for moving — steel furniture can be relocated as desired
  • Durability — furniture made from steel is particularly long-lasting
  • Security — high level of burglary protection when used with suitable locking system
  • Individual design possibilities — through wide color range and combination with other materials
  • Hygiene — steel is particularly easy to clean and hygienic
  • Fire protection — steel does not support the spread of fire
  • Ventilation — louvers can easily be integrated into steel furniture

The thinking behind the concept

Functionality and compliance with workplace regulations for the specific industry are an absolute must. Further must-haves for on-site communal rooms are a comfort factor and an appealing design. The material, colors, and correct arrangement play a major role here. It is important to match individual tastes and very sensitively develop a concept that reflects the spirit of the company and addresses the needs of the workers. We have prepared some ideas to give you some inspiration.


Locker - from classic to high-end

Store clothing and other items safely in your personalized locker. Thanks to the large selection of different locker series, C + P can fulfill individual customer requirements — on time and in top quality. We have been a partner in the market as a specialist for steel locker concepts since 1925.