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Store personal clothes and work & protective clothing separately

C + P lockers for street and work clothing are used for separate storage of personal clothes and work and protective clothing.


Strict separation in accordance with workplace regulations

The workplace regulations A4.1 state that: For storage of clothing, each employee must have a sufficiently large, ventilated, and lockable facility with a compartment. If lockers are provided, a minimum size of 0.30 m x 0.50 m x 1.80 m (W x D x H) must be observed. If separate storage is required for personal clothes and work and protective clothing, two such locker parts or one divided locker with double the width is required. 


C + P separation lockers for clean separation

The C + P separation lockers meet these requirements precisely. The self-contained compartments enable strict separation of private clothes and work clothing in the workplace. Important hygiene standards can thus be complied with perfectly.


  • Hygienic storage
  • Strict separation of personal and work & protective clothing
  • Optimum compliance with important hygiene standards

Lockers for particularly demanding hygiene requirements in the workplace

If workers are exposed to highly odorous substances or heavy soiling during their work, the work/protective clothing must even be kept in a separate room from the personal clothes.  Depending on the level of danger, this is implemented with two changing rooms with a wash room in between or with a double-door system adjoining the work area where work and protective clothing can be put on and taken off. (Observe any applicable special regulations of the German Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV) and the German Biological Substances Ordinance (BioStoffV).) Lockers for street and work clothing are also used when particular cleanliness requirements need to be fulfilled.