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A tropical feeling

In Krausnick, Brandenburg, there is a slice of paradise for all fans of the tropics and the South Pacific.

Since 2004, the area has been home to the world’s largest tropical theme park, housed in the world’s largest self-supporting hall. On an area of 66,000 square meters, you can find a unique destination that can be enjoyed whatever the weather.

The wonderful backdrop of a real rain forest

The gigantic hall, originally designed as a hangar for airships, is so big that it could hold the Statue of Liberty and eight football pitches arranged side by side.

The structure is fitted with a translucent membrane so natural tanning is possible. At a constant air temperature of 78°F, visitors can explore various regions: The Asia-Pacific region, Africa, and South America come together — all against the wonderful backdrop of a real rain forest.

Variety and thrills for every age

Visitors can enjoy bathing in the South Pacific with a real sandy beach and Bali lagoon. A total of 5,200 m2 water is available. Further attractions such as Europe’s largest tropical sauna complex, Germany’s tallest water slide (25 m tall), and the elaborate stage shows guarantee a time full of variety and thrills for every age.


Make dreams come true. This is what the investors had in mind. Bringing the tropics to Germany was both a challenge and a great pleasure. The good collaboration with the project management and the joint enthusiasm for the project made it possible to make this project a reality. The joy of the customers is the greatest reward for me.

Frank Rubel, Construction manager

Project data

  • Property: Tropical Islands, Krausnick by Berlin
  • Specification: Changing room fitting
  • Sector: Wellness / SPA
  • Architect: CL MAP GmbH, Munich
  • Construction period: 8 months (conversion time)
  • Area: 66.000 m2
  • Costs: € 70 million
  • C + P partner: ico Innenprojekt Cottbus GmbH
  • C + P products used: Lockers S 6000 Cambio
  • C + P services: Delivery and installation

The task

The company philosophy of “Tropical Islands” is realized and made tangible consistently across all areas. Even the changing room has to maintain the tropical feel. This begins with the outer design of the changing room and continues with the exotic color mood of the lockers, inspired by the colors of tropical flowers.

Following the major success of the water park, adjustments had to be made to make more space available. The changing room was restructured, making room for more compartments. The division of barefoot and boot zones was also optimized.

The special requirements

C + P Möbelsysteme was able to satisfy the high demands of Tropical Islands with the flexible locker system Cambio and thus supplied the remaining lockers before the end of 2007. Thanks to the lockers’ adjustability, the restructuring could be completed smoothly. To make optimum use of the space, double-tier lockers and Z lockers were planned.

Carefully designed

The new-generation lockers that were re-ordered in 2007 provide uniform coloring with carmine red bodies and orange fronts. With a view of further expansions in the future, the lockers were mounted on a removable and upgradable base system. The flexibility of the system is thus ensured.

The Z lockers are to be as convenient as possible for the users. With the Cambio lockers, each user (left or right compartment) has the same amount of space and is able to hang up long items of clothing. With a large compartment for bags and practical dividers for smaller items, the visitors’ varied storage requirements can all be catered for.

The lock system also meets strict demands: as well as opening and closing the lockers, admission to zones with additional charges and billing for food etc. is simplified. This is all done with one single data carrier that the user of the locker uses as an electronic key.

Project Report: