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Hotels/accommodation — customized solutions

Hotels need to do a number of things at the same time. The guests expect comfort, relaxation, service, and friendly and attentive staff. 

These requirements are by no means limited to the rooms, reception, restaurant, or spa area. It is often the little, seemingly unimportant things that make for a perfect stay. This includes optional storage for all kinds of luggage or fitness equipment that is not to be taken to the rooms. But also the option of storing odds and ends quickly and securely when you want to go out. 

Prefino, Resisto, Cambio, Evolo, Classic...

The areas of application are as varied as the integrated solutions from C + P.


Stowed away quickly and effectively

Hotel guests are either private guests on vacation or business guests on a business trip. In both cases, what they want is a relaxing and straightforward stay. The visitors want to unwind and engage in various activities. This means they will want to stow away personal belongings quickly and effectively, for example skiing or sport clothing. 

Hotel lobbies often have security compartments for smaller items. Guests use them when they want to store various items but have already left their room (as they are about to depart) or are not yet able to access their room (as they have arrived early). 

Hotels in ski regions

Hotels in mountain regions are highly popular in summer and winter, for skiing, walking, hiking, or e-bike tours. These varied requirements call for all-inclusive storage solutions for bulky winter sport equipment, technical equipment, safety equipment, and clothing — everything needs to be stored effectively and safely.

Lockers or double lockers need to be equipped with the right interior as well as providing sufficient space. Lockers, which are mainly designed to store clothing, should contain compartments for smaller items as well as coat rails. In addition to lockers, double lockers, and assembled box lockers, there should be enough benches to increase levels of comfort. Lockers or double lockers designed to store winter sports equipment need to have sufficiently large doors as well providing plenty of space. For all these applications and more, C + P provides individual solutions. Soon we will also be providing our latest innovation as well: the all-season locker. 

Changing rooms and lockers for employees

As hotel employees normally wear a uniform, they should also be able to get changed in the hotel. C + P puts together customized concepts to provide ideal solutions for particular workforce sizes, equipment, and premises. Whether it is a locker, assembled box locker, bench, or security compartment, anything is possible.

Steel - the green fingerprint

The material steel forms the basis of production at C + P. No other material has a comparable number of positive qualities.

The benefits of steel:

  • Sustainability — steel is 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for moving — steel furniture can be relocated as desired
  • Durability — furniture made from steel is particularly long-lasting
  • Security — high level of burglary protection when used with suitable locking system
  • Individual design possibilities — through wide color range and combination with other materials
  • Hygiene — steel is particularly easy to clean and hygienic
  • Fire protection — steel does not support the spread of fire
  • Ventilation — louvers can easily be integrated into steel furniture

Are you looking for an expert partner for furnishings? Then C + P is just right for you!


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The thinking behind the concept

Blending in with the consistent design is an important factor. The material, colors, and correct arrangement play a major role here. We have prepared some ideas to give you some inspiration.


Locker - from classic to high-end

Store clothing and other items safely in your personalized locker. Thanks to the large selection of different locker series, C + P can fulfill individual customer requirements on time and in top quality. We have been a partner in the market as a specialist for steel locker concepts since 1925.