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For small storage parts & manual tools

Cabinet with small parts storage: Keep production parts directly at hand

C + P storage cabinets, also known as cabinets with open-front containers, provide space for tidy and organized storage of mounting material such as wall plugs, screws, cables, washers, nails, and other small parts in various open-front containers.


Steel cabinet equipped with boxes - provide systematic organization

To enable rapid access to mounting materials and to support ongoing production processes optimally, storage cabinets are primarily set up next to assembly lines. However, they are also used in the workshop and in the warehouse. To ensure that the storage cabinets with storage boxes are stable and secure, anti-tilt devices must always be used.


  • Tidy storage of small parts
  • Organization and orderliness saves time
  • Flexible removal & filling of the open-front containers
  • Open-front containers are stackable, robust & impact-resistant

Store small parts systematically & tidily in the storage cabinet

Wherever a storage system with multiple small boxes is needed, storage cabinets with open-front containers are called for. The organized sorting in the small parts storage saves time in the work process, as frustrating searches for the required work material are eliminated. But tidiness is not the only advantage. Excellent storage is also provided. Storing the containers in drawers or in the cabinet protects the small parts and work materials from dust and other types of dirt. 


Equipment & versions of the C + P storage cabinets

C + P provides a wide range of different sizes and box fittings for every application. Explore the varied configuration options and select the perfect color for your storage cabinet.  


Product information at a glance

The open-front container cabinets offer:

  • Sturdy steel construction with high-quality enamel coating

  • Wide range of different dimensions and container hardware for any application

  • Door mounting bracket with approx. 110° opening angle
    Central door reinforcement for high stability

  • Highly flexible interior thanks to adjustability in 10 mm steps 

  • Load capacity per zinc-plated shelf: 70 kg

  • Load capacity per shortened shelf: 50 kg

  • Cabinet load capacity 450 kg

  • For stable and secure positioning, the cabinet must be screwed to the wall. The fastening method is dependent on the wall material. Please use screws and wall plugs (not included) that are compatible with the wall characteristics

  • Various colors

  • Cabinets with drawer blocks, each with three drawers with telescopic rail guide, fully extendable, 50 kg load capacity/drawer

The open-front and shelf containers offer: 

  • Smooth inner surfaces and recessed grip on the rear panel are evidence of the practical development work

  • Stacking lugs facilitate stacking without slippage

  • The slightly roughened bottom enables anti-slip transport on belt conveyors

  • The open-front containers are made from polypropylene (up to -20°/+90°C, food-safe and oil-proof). Available in various practical sizes and in the cadmium-free colors red and blue

  • To improve organization, the containers can also be equipped with protective label covers, dust covers, front panels, carrying bars, and vertical dividers