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Two stacked compartments = 50% space saving

Double-tier lockers from C + P are highly space-saving compared with conventional lockers. For an identical surface area, they take up 50% of the space as the two compartments are stacked. The storage space is doubled — a compartment for one person is turned into two compartments for two people. Each locker compartment can be accessed and locked separately.

Advantages of double-tier lockers:

  • 50% space saving compared with conventional lockers as two compartments are stacked
  • Suitable for constantly changing users 
  • Optimum user capacity 

Application & equipment of double-tier lockers

Areas of application

Thanks to their increased user capacity, double-tier lockers are especially suitable for facilities with constantly changing users/guests. The double-tier lockers are very commonly used in sports facilities like gyms. Depending on the amount of space available, they are positioned in the changing room or in the training area.  However, the double-tier lockers are also used in other leisure applications.

Interior fitting

As standard, each compartment has a sturdy wardrobe rail with anti-rotation hooks with system holder (e.g. for coat hangers). These can be used to hang up clothes or towels. Other items such as shoes or bags can be stored underneath the coat rail. Thanks to our varied solutions for interior fittings, we can also satisfy other customer requirements.

Locker sub-frames

Depending on the purpose of use, a double-tier locker can be selected with feet, bench, or base. 


Ventilation openings or vent slots inserted in the locker enable optimum ventilation.

Locking systems

To protect the contents of the locker from unauthorized access, the locker needs to be locked. The compartments of the double-tier locker can be configured with mechanical or electronic locking systems. C + P has the perfect locking system for every requirement.

Colors & decors

To allow the lockers with two stacked compartments to blend in with their surroundings perfectly, various RAL colors can be chosen for the body and doors. Light gray, gentian blue, flame red, or other colors — the diverse range enables all kinds of customer requirements to be satisfied. Decors can also be chosen as fronts (depending on the product series). 

What makes double-tier lockers from C + P unique?

  • Durable steel structure with high-quality enamel coating
  • Various product series enable practical use
  • From classic locker to high-end version — anything is possible
  • Convenient doorstop silencers as standard for pleasant closing
  • Requirements-focused sub-frames for adjustment to suit any room situation
  • Individual design requirements can be fulfilled with various colors and decors
  • Supplementary changing room benches and assembled box lockers complete the portfolio