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Keep valuables locked away safely

Assembled box lockers and individual security compartments from C + P are used wherever personal belongings need to be stored.  Whether it is a smartphone, notebook, wallet, bag, or other valuables, almost everyone has some kind of hand luggage with them at all times. Both in their private life and at work.  But when having your valuables on your person is uncomfortable, unnecessary, or perhaps even prohibited, where can you put them?


Large product variety — the perfect locker for every industry & application

This is precisely where lockable assembled box lockers from C + P come into play. Everyone can feel at ease when they know their personal valuables are stored away safely. As the areas of application for lockers with security compartments are particularly varied, C + P supplies a wide range of locker models.


  • Safe storage of valuables
  • Particularly stable & suitable for moving thanks to steel structure
  • Fire protection in practice — steel does not support the spread of fire
  • Burglary protection to DIN 4547 in conjunction with suitable locking system
  • Large product selection — for every industry and application
  • Supplementary products (e.g. lockers) available

Security compartments for social rooms — storing personal belongings

Many companies and institutions provide their employees, customers, and other guests with lockers with security compartments where they can safely store their valuables and personal belongings. But assembled box lockers also need to be set up for visitors in malls, gyms, swimming pools, and other facilities. At C + P you can find a large selection of various assembled box lockers and security compartments made from the durable and robust material steel.


Teacher’s lockers — assembled box lockers for schools

In schools, many teachers use our assembled box lockers as “teacher’s lockers” to store their school supplies and their private belongings safely. But separate lockers with compartments are also suitable as a supplement to our lockers.


Assembled box lockers for the flexible office — for employees and visitors

As the modern workplace is becoming increasingly flexible, storage space requirements in the office are also changing. In modern office spaces, an assembled box locker has very different functions. It is not longer merely a matter of storing personal items — an assembled box locker also functions as a space-partitioner and needs to blend into the room harmoniously with an attractive design. Because of the increasingly blurred boundaries between private life and work, office workers want an appealing work atmosphere where they feel at ease.


Assembled box lockers with viewing windows — stored baggage directly visible

To store bags, that are not needed during shopping, malls often use assembled box lockers with acrylic glass as a storage solution for visitors. This both helps the users to see directly which lockers are vacant and fulfills an important safety function. The locker owner and the security staff can directly see what is being stored in the lockers. In the event of inappropriate use, a much faster response is possible to avert potential danger.

Typical application areas at a glance:

  • Library
  • Office
  • Association
  • Museum
  • Mall 
  • Social room
  • Entrance area
  • Station
  • School
  • Swimming pool, spa

Equipment & use of C + P assembled box lockers

Assembled box lockers from C + P consist of a stable steel structure with a high-quality enamel coating. Each locker is equipped with a cylinder lock (including two keys) as standard. Other locks can be selected as desired, such as turning bolt, safety turning bolt, master key system, Safe-O-Mat locks, and PIN code locks. Both the body and the doors can be configured in different colors and decors. As standard, the bottoms of the lockers are the same color as the body. The doors are fitted with doorstop silencers as standard to allow them to close pleasantly.

General product information at a glance:

  • Sturdy steel construction with high-quality enamel coating
  • Large selection of locking systems, colors, and decors
  • Convenient doorstop silencers as standard for pleasant closing 

Diverse selection of locking systems

The diverse selection of online and offline locking systems allows a wide range of customer requirements to be satisfied.

Please take a look at our general overview of locking systems.


  • Timeless classic
  • Recommended use: for single locker user
  • Directly visible contents promotes tidiness
  • Avoid lengthy searches
  • Recommended use: for single locker user
  • Attractive design, with either steel or decor doors
  • Steel doors highly torsion-resistant thanks to closed side profiles
  • For single or changing users
  • For strict design and functionality demands
  • With either steel or decor doors
  • Steel doors highly torsion-resistant thanks to closed side profiles, optionally double-walled
  • Suitable for wet rooms (galvanized as standard)
  • For single or changing users
  • Double-walled doors
  • Door opening limiter as standard
  • Multi-functional modular system, compartment sizes can be changed at any time (convertible)
  • Elegant appearance with double-walled steel doors, decor doors, or glass doors
  • Smooth interior walls — hygienic and easy to clean
  • Suitable for wet rooms (galvanized as standard)
  • For single or changing users
  • For direct view of locker contents (vacant or occupied)
  • Door mounting bracket with robust strap hinge
  • For frequently changing locker users
  • For hand luggage (key rings, wallets, smartphone) and even large shopping bags and suitcases
  • Door mounting bracket with robust strap hinge
  • For frequently changing locker users
  • Doors extremely stable and vandalism-proof
  • XXL compartment dimensions up to 740 mm depth (e.g. for suitcase)
  • For single or changing users