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Tidiness in the cabinet & direct view of contents

C + P steel viewing window cabinets with acrylic glass windows are predominantly used in workshops or warehouses to store tools, storage goods, and other materials. The viewing window doors make it possible to see the contents of the cabinet directly. Modern improvement and simplification strategies such as kaizen and CIP can be implemented correctly with the workshop cabinets with viewing windows, to optimize work processes.  


  • Viewing windows provide transparency
  • Direct view of cabinet contents
  • Promotes tidiness
  • Optimization of work processes

Configure C + P viewing window cabinets individually

Explore our diverse range of options and configure your individual viewing window cabinet perfectly tuned to your needs and your room situation. We can provide a wide selection of colors and equipment details. 


Equipment & versions

The viewing windows of 3 mm-thick acrylic glass make it possible to see the contents of the cabinet directly. In the sliding doors, the acrylic glass panes are firmly adhered and also have a bracket to prevent tampering. In the hinged doors, the acrylic glass panes are exclusively screwed in place and are also tamper-proof, but they can be exchanged easily.


The locking systems for viewing window cabinets are determined by the particular doors.


Can be adjusted in 15 mm increments, for flexible interior fittings.  Each shelf has a load capacity of 70 kg as standard, and in the reinforced version up to 110 kg.


Available in a variety of sizes. The short viewing window cabinet provides a storage surface at work height in addition to storage space, and the extra-deep viewing window cabinet has room even for bulky material.


Can be used in the short viewing window cabinets (work height) in place of the standard steel head unit. 


A corrugated rubber mat provides extra protection for the robust steel head unit as well as sufficient grip - perfect for storing tools or other items. 


Fully extendable drawers running on stable telescopic rail guide. Each drawer has a load capacity of 50 kg. Viewing window cabinets with drawers must be mounted on the wall because of the high weight load.


C + P viewing window cabinets - with hinged doors or sliding doors

Hinged doors with viewing windows

The stable steel hinged doors with viewing windows, with outer hinges, have a generous door opening angle of approx. 180°. There is thus no obstacle to simply filling or emptying the hinged-door cabinet - even with transport aids.


Sliding doors with viewing windows

Unlike the viewing window cabinet with hinged doors, the sliding-door cabinet needs less functional area for the same storage space. Pleasant opening and closing of the sliding doors is ensured by the smooth-running, rail-guided sliding doors with special casters.