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Office cabinets & bookcases

For order and tidiness in the office

C + P steel office cabinets and office bookcases: perfect for files & other office stationery. Especially stable and suitable for moving.

Index card cabinets and filing cabinets

Index card cabinets and filing cabinets from C + P: Store suspension files, index cards, or patient records securely.

Plan and drawing cabinets

C + P plan and drawing cabinets in DIN A0 & DIN A1: Drawer cabinets for flat items such as plans, printouts, posters, & more.

Flame-resistant cabinets

C + P flame-resistant cabinets: perfect for sensitive data. Non-flammable to DIN 4102. High theft-protection.

Pharmacy cabinets/pull-out cabinets

C + P pull-out cabinets for the office: create additional storage space in the workplace & partition space.

Mobile pedestals

C + P mobile pedestals: creating orderliness in the workplace. Four casters for mobility. Simply store under the desk.

Office caddies

C + P office caddies: provide more storage space per surface area than conventional mobile pedestals.

Catering caddies

C + P catering caddies: Mobile serving trolleys. Perfect for the office or the meeting room. Drawers provide storage space.

Fridge caddies

C + P fridge caddies: integrated mini fridge for drinks. Drawers for dishes,cutlery etc. Perfect for flexible catering.


C + P desks: Ergonomic work at the office. Various models available.