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In the changing cubicle to perfectly complement lockers

C + P changing room benches function as the perfect seat in changing rooms, making getting changed particularly easy. Shoes can be changed more easily when sitting. Workplace regulations also prescribe that one seat (changing room bench) must be available for every four locker units in a changing room.



  • Convenient changing of clothes & shoes
  • Compliance with workplace regulations
  • Depending on the model, integrated coat rack for hanging clothes 
  • Various product series for different users and industries (e.g. for wet or damp conditions).

The perfect changing room bench for different industries

C + P supplies various benches with and without coat racks for use in a variety of industries.

Whether it is in the gym, swimming pool, sports facility, commercial or industrial facilities — you can find the perfect seating solution for every changing room here.

The steel structure of the benches with robust enamel coating provides outstanding protection from corrosion.



Changing room benches — with and without integrated coat rack

Free-standing benches are mainly used in changing rooms that have lockable lockers and that need additional seating. Functional benches with coat racks with hooks (hook rail) for hanging up clothes and towels are used if no lockers are available or needed as a storage space solution, e.g. sports facilities.

A double-sided bench with coat rack has space for sitting and storage for users on both sides. Shoes can be conveniently placed on a shoe rack under the bench, avoiding untidy distribution in the rooms or lockers. This also makes the floor much easier to clean.

Overview of all C + P changing room benches

Changing room bench Basic — with wooden or plastic seat slats

The Basic series contains durable benches with coat racks in a sturdy design. The changing room benches are commonly used in changing rooms in sports centers, gyms, and industry. They are delivered fully assembled, saving you valuable time as the benches can be used straight away.

  • Steel structure (rectangular tube), particularly durable and robust, available in various colors
  • Seat slats and coat rails are available in real wood (coated with clear varnish) or plastic
  • Adjustable floor gliders for simple level adjustment
  • Shoe rack optional
  • Can be retrofitted

Changing room benches Basic PLUS — suitable for damp conditions

The changing room benches Basic PLUS with seats and back braces made from the particularly robust material HPL (high pressure laminate) are suitable for damp conditions. They boast resistance to corrosion in slightly damp rooms and a flexible modular system. 

  • Sturdy square profile structure 30 x 30 mm made of steel
  • Frame and shoe rack galvanized with high-quality enamel coating as standard
  • Seats, backrests, and hook rails made from solid-core panel (HPL, 13 mm thick) with decor surface
  • Adjustable floor gliders for simple level adjustment
  • Hook rail with plastic double clothes hooks, concealed according to DIN 7917
  • Supplied pre-assembled for quicker set-up time
  • Optional shoe rack, can also be retrofitted

Vitas benches — elegant design and greater seating comfort

Vitas benches are popular in applications such as spa and wellness because of their convenient fitting details. They provide very good seating comfort with a high-quality, design-oriented appearance. Explore our diverse equipment solutions for Vitas changing room benches.

Equipment & versions 

  • Frame
    Either in coated steel or stainless steel. Frame made from stainless steel is particularly suitable for wet rooms with very high humidity. The sturdy steel-profile frame is available in coated version as standard.
  • Seat and backrest
    Made from the particularly robust and water-resistant material HPL (high pressure laminate). The optional upholstery in soft black leather is suitable for particularly high seating comfort. 
  • Additional storage areas for leather seat
    For a 2m-long bench, an additional storage area is provided on the left and right next to the seat.
  • Product recommendation Vitas bench for wet conditions
    Because of the very high humidity in wet rooms, we recommend benches with stainless steel frame and HPL seat/backrest in such atmospheres.