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Firefighter locker EXPERT—ideal for water or high-altitude rescue


The C + P firefighter locker EXPERT is perfect as a supplementary emergency services locker for special applications like water and high-altitude rescue. It provides storage that promotes drying and provides rapid access for typical uniform clothing such as whitewater jackets, neoprene wetsuits and trousers, whitewater vests and corresponding protective equipment such as towing line, gloves and whitewater boots.


Optimal, completely separate storage

Thanks to its modular design, fire departments can fulfill standard specifications even if they have existing furnishings, limited space and a restricted budget for investment. In combination with other firefighter lockers from the product range, it is possible to implement fully separate storage according to 14092 / D GUV with flexible expansion options.


  • Perfect for use as emergency services locker for special applications such as water and high-altitude rescue
  • Flexible and convertible
    • Integrated compartment can be used to store helmet or valuables
    • Foldable helmet holder can be positioned inside the locker (compartment) or on top
  • Modular design allows flexible, completely separate storage and retrofitting options
  • Very generous hanging length for uniform clothing


Ideally suited as a supplemental locker (300 or 400 mm wide) for special areas such as water or high-altitude rescue. Excellent storage for 1 uniform (very generous hanging length), enhanced by a multi-functional hook rail on the side, a foldable helmet holder on the top and a generously dimensioned, integrated security compartment.




  • Clear interior dimensions: H 1421 mm x W 250 mm x D 500 mm
  • For optimal drying of stored clothing
  • Manufactured from sturdy, decontaminable plastic
  • Spread-out function: allows air to circulate to dry clothing from the inside and provides gentle broad-surface support to prevent creasing
  • Anti-theft clip prevents hanger theft
  • Allows uniform clothing to be removed quickly
  • Offers a very high load-bearing capacity (clothing rail: 40 kg, double hooks: 15 kg)
  • With clothing eyelet protection and anti-theft holder
  • For storing and drying protective clothing (e.g. gloves)
  • For secure storage and rapid removal of accessories (belts, harnesses, and other bulky pieces of equipment)
  • Powder-coated steel tubing crossbar for high load-bearing capacity of up to 50 kg
  • For secure storage of uniform boots
  • Protects the entire base of the locker and can be removed for cleaning
  • Allows the soles of boots to dry
  • Prevents corrosion resulting from damage to the locker base
  • Provides optimum access even for shorter people and makes compartments easy to reach, e.g. helmet compartment
  • Makes it easier to put on boots
  • Integrated into the helmet compartment or positioned on the top – either is possible
  • Designed to suit all EU helmet manufacturers and sizes (without adjustment)
  • Optimized ventilation function
  • Suitable for contact headsets
  • For storing all helmets approved in Europe, including add-on parts such as flashlights thanks to generous  height and width
  • Enables drying and rapid removal
  • Prevents damage to the helmet’s neck guard, for example by folding
  • Helps shorter people (5 foot 3 and below) to reach the helmet base
  • For secure storage of valuables such as wallets and smartphones
  • Recessed security compartment (door positioned inside of, or only slightly beyond, body edge) prevents risk of accidents in event of callout
  • Cylinder lock or combination lock with scrambling function
  • Plenty of space in the multi-functional compartment for helmet, wallet and smartphone, towel, gloves and other accessories
  • Cylinder lock or combination lock with scrambling function available as standard