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Because only custom-made solutions are a perfect fit.

Individuality in its purest form. 

No two rooms are the same, and every situation requires careful analysis of the actual and of what you want to achieve. We focus on people and their specific needs when we create a concept.

As a full service provider, we support our customers from the first sketch to the last rivet, and make sure that the whole process runs smoothly. Although we offer standardized products, we don’t offer off-the-rack solutions. We can only live up to our reputation as experts if we consider each project individually. And we couldn't be happier when this approach results in a new and innovative furniture solution. 

By industry

Every industry has its own peculiarities and therefore deserves individual advice. We offer the right product for every institution.


Not only do we grow with our tasks, so do our steel cabinets. Different models fulfill the most diverse tasks. Drying, disinfection or loading function - everything is possible.

Office solutions

As a manufacturer of steel cabinets with almost one hundred years of experience, we are aware of our core competence. However, our office solutions can still more than hold their own!