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Your doorway to a
world of magical efficiency.

C + P SmartLocker

Imagine a world in which keys have no place – a world in which compartments open when the right time comes, and objects appear first behind one door, then another. Whether this is done by sophisticated technology, or by magic, the effect is the same. Just enjoy the show.


C + P SmartLocker vor dunklem Hintergrund mit leicht geöffneten Fächern.

Focus pocus: C + P SmartLockers are highly efficient.

Time is money. And too much of both is always wasted on things that could have been avoided.
For example, handing over laptops or other technical devices to staff . Or replacing a lock because someone has lost the key. Or because an employee has been handed a defective tool and can’t do anything with it. Or for the maintenance of a mechanical lock system, because some of the locks have worn down through repeated use.
The list is almost endless. What all these issues have in common: with a C + P SmartLocker, they would not have happened.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Lower costs: no need to purchase a compartment for every single staff member

  • Productivity: the usual complications of lost keys etc. are no longer a problem

  • Save time: no more complicated and distracting handovers

  • Support: cabinets make intelligent decisions that make work easier

  • Low-maintenance: special surfaces for quick and easy cleaning

  • Source of income: compartments can earn money for you with a pay/rent function

  • Compatibility: C + P SmartLockers can be connected to all kinds of networks

Flex-hex: C + P SmartLockers are highly flexible.

If you have 100 employees, you need 100 security compartments, right?
Wrong. If you’re on a customer visit, on vacation, sick, or working from home, you don’t need a compartment.
With a C + P SmartLocker, you only need compartments for the maximum number of employees that are in the building at any given time. These can be different people from one day to another, as you can easily reprogram the compartments from your desk.
We call this flexible usage. The configuration options for compartment layouts are also extremely flexible.
Whether it’s XS, XXL, or something in between—only C + P allows you to put together your own unique combination.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Save space: no need for a compartment for every single staff member

  • Customizable: modular system can be flexibly confi gured to suit your needs

  • Depth: cabinets and add-on units are available in two depth variants

  • Convenience: individual cabinets can be placed side by side to form a wall unit

  • Versatile uses: for social spaces, non-contact handovers, staff mail, as a meeting point, etc.

  • Design: can be customized in many ways, so it can be an eye-catching feature on your premises

  • Expansion: apart from SmartLockers, we off er a range of great room solutions

Appracadabra: C + P SmartLockers are extremely versatile.

The key is that there is no key. No object that can get lost and that anyone could use. Instead there are a variety of access options, such as the app, a PIN, or RFID transponder, that can only be used by you or by the person you assign.
It is highly likely that your SmartLocker will be handled with care, as you can precisely trace every time the SmartLocker is accessed. If force is ever used, however, the administrator is sent a notice.
On top of this, our steel is highly robust and has an anti-theft design with no vulnerable points that can be accessed from the outside.
C + P SmartLockers can also be equipped with a camera on the top of the cabinet.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Access options: no keys that can be used by unauthorized persons

  • Traceability: removals can be traced to a specifi c time and person

  • Material quality: especially robust steel that can withstand major attacks

  • Design: no vulnerable points that thieves can use to force the compartment open

  • Communication: C + P SmartLockers can send warning messages to administrators

  • Weatherproof: outdoor variant is particularly UV-resistant and water-repellent

  • Video monitoring: surveillance camera can be fi tted to the top of the cabinet

Works like magic: C + P SmartLockers are carefully thought out.

Being smart means always having a plan B and being prepared for all eventualities.
Power failures, for example: even when everything around it has stopped working, a C + P SmartLocker can always be unlocked mechanically with its emergency opening function, to enable important items to be removed. And because all its other functions are electronic, there is no problem with wear in the locks, which improves their longevity tremendously.
After all, a magic trick is only perfect if it can be repeated again and again. Our cabinets are also well-prepared for your international employees: the menus are available in multiple languages.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Independence: the door can be opened even in a power failure

  • No friction: no keys for longer lock service life

  • Operability: the cabinet does what it’s supposed to—thanks to intuitive, well-structured menus

  • All-inclusive service: C + P gives you everything from a single source: cabinet, software, support

  • Experience: the SmartLocker is the product of 100 years of steel cabinet know-how

  • Logistics: with our Europe-wide network, we are on hand to help across borders

  • Made in Germany: more than just where something comes from—a benchmark for quality

The great magican: Prefino S 7000

The great magican

Our top model PREFINO has simply got "it:" that special aura you need to leave a powerful impression wherever you are. Its face-fi tting front that conceals the entire housing when viewed head on has never failed to have the desired eff ect. The housing is also electrolytically zinc-plated and cannot rust. You could almost say that has found the magic spell for eternal youth. And while it already looks prestigious enough, you can top off its performance with the optional wood decor. Its skilled tricks also include double walls for greater stability and a doorstop silencer for outstanding closing characteristics. And with its body height of 1950 mm, it is veritably one of the greatest. A master of all its compartments.

The master’s apprentice: Evolo S 3000

The master’s apprentice

When it comes to talent, Evolo is no less impressive than its teacher. Furthermore, its extremely torsion-resistant doors and special profi le make it especially stable and tamper-proof. For a beginner in the subject of smart magic, it is also tremendously independent, with its own ventilation system, for example. This means that heavy-duty work clothes stored inside it feel splendidly comfortable. Its high-quality enamel coating protects it from evil outside forces, and thanks to its cleaning-friendly hole pattern it look likes new even after the most demanding performances. Evolo is also fully trained in the art of accounting. With its excellent value for money, it quickly reveals its advantages over other systems.

A magical solution for every sector

As you will see, our SmartLockers can perform some very clever tricks. Their main job, though, is to make workflows smarter and more efficient in your company. You save time, space and money – leaving you free to concentrate on your tasks. Our lockers are not just places to store things, but genuine assets and star performers for your organization – whichever one you choose.As you will see, our SmartLockers can perform some very clever tricks. Their main job, though, is to make workflows smarter and more efficient in your company. You save time, space and money – leaving you free to concentrate on your tasks. Our lockers are not just places to store things, but genuine assets and star performers for your organization – whichever one you choose.


As a transfer point, day locker, meeting place and much more

For the office

A SmartLocker from C + P is an intelligent, electronic locker that quickly becomes an essential hub for your company. Thanks to their outstanding functionality, distinguished design and attractive appearance, workflows are accelerated.


Encore: for all those who want even more.

The descriptions on the previous pages by no means cover all of the tricks that our cabinets have at their disposal. What about a spectacular outdoor performance, for example? C + P Smart- Lockers are also available in weatherproof special designs for use outdoors. Or what about a high-quality camera on the top that carefully records everything that goes on in front of the cabinet? This is also part of its extensive repertoire. Perhaps you wantto make sure that everything adds up at the end of the day—or you love chilled treats? We can provide both a payment function and a chill function. Much like a C + P SmartLocker after correct authentication, we are fully open—to any special requests.

Optional extras:

  • Chill function (cool box required)
  • Video camera (on cabinet top)
  • Payment function (e.g. for snack box)
  • Compartment rental (e.g. for offi ce next-door)
  • Outdoor equipment (with phenolic HPL + stainless steel drip edge)

Outdoor C + P SmartLocker:

  • housing with UV-resistant varnish
  •  Encased all the way round with special phenolic HPL material
  • Stainless steel base (not varnished)
  • Top structure made from special phenolic HPL material, protruding on all sides with milled groove
  • All compartments are water-repellent thanks to the stainless steel drip edge

Is there anything you need from your future locking system that isn’t shown here? We can also produce unique custom solutions. Get in touch. The C + P team looks forwarding to receiving your call or email:

+49 (0)6465 919-350

FAQ about

Frequently asked Questions

In principle, whatever you like. Our customers generally store objects that have a particular value, such as laptops, tablets, or high-quality tools. But work clothing and sports equipment can also be stored away very comfortably.


The cabinets are generally 1.95 m or 2.10 m tall, 40 cm or 80 cm wide, and 50 cm or 60 cm deep (depending on series). For the compartments, you can choose between the following door heights: XS (14.7 cm), S (22.2 cm), S/M (29.7 cm), M/S (35.7 cm), M (44.7 cm), L (59.7 cm), XL (89.7 cm), and XXL (1.79 cm) (depending on series).


Each compartment needs roughly 1 watt of current, and the display and mini controller need roughly 100 watts. The latter work via 4G, WIFI, or LAN as standard. If no display is included, you will need a LAN network (or optionally 4G).


The locker is a plug and play system. This means that you simply connect it to the power supply, connect to the network, and you’re done. For the administration of the cabinets, we offer remote training for your employees—but we can also visit you in person if you would like. Depending on your contract, you can also make use of our fi rst-level support for any questions you may have. And now things will get a little technical, but IT people will understand: various IT services can be booked as options (API, integration, use case with process flow).


There are various smart options for this: either by using a display integrated into the cabinet, an 8-inch monitor, a QR code reader (with PIN code), or user app via the stationary mini controller. Whatever you prefer.


You have a range of convenient options to choose from. Administration is very straightforward and uses cloud-based software that fulfi lls all legal requirements (GDPR / ISO 27001 / pen test/ Microsoft Azure security standards). Personal data can be imported as a CSV text fi le, for example. An on-demand interface that matches your requirements is also possible (e.g. connection to an ERP system).


Apart from outdoor systems, the cabinets are fully preassembled and are delivered with an 18-meter truck. Additionally, we are happy to help if you have any special delivery requirements. Simply get in touch so that we can find the best solution together.


Delivery to your loading ramp/curbside is standard. Optionally, you can also arrange other contractual agreements with us. We will then deliver in accordance with your needs.


We will gladly take care of this for you. Simply select delivery to the place of use with professional assembly by our service staff instead of standard delivery. We will then fully set up and wire the cabinet systems and hand them over to you ready for operation.


Of course. We will keep you up to date on exactly when your new C + P SmartLocker will be arriving. To do this, we will, of course, need you correct contact details with delivery address and email address. And if something comes up that makes things difficult, simply let us know and we’ll find an alternative.


What seems effortless is the product of years of experience

For almost 100 years, C + P has built steel cabinets for professional use that are both attractive and robust. Our principle has always been to off er complete systems, rather than just individual elements. This has enabled us to garner suffi cient experience to go the next step and also make the cabinets smart. We have made this decision as we have recognized our customers’ need to make irritating or cumbersome workflows simpler. We make a point of supplying everything from a single source, and our SmartLockers are no exception. Not only do the cabinet systems come from C + P, but also the corresponding software and the technical support. Our material of choice, steel, is particularly sustainable, as it has an extremely long service life and can be recycled. And the best made in Germany production quality ensures that everything runs smoothly.


My brain is the key that sets me free.

Harry Houdini, magician and escape artist

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