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Storage for tools

Cabinets for workshops, production, and more

C + P tool cabinets are used to store tools and work material safely and tidily.

They not only provide storage space but also help to optimize workflows. As we all know, a well-organized and tidy workplace saves time and makes day-to-day work much more straightforward. In a well-organized tool cabinet, all required tools, small parts, and materials are in their correct place and easy to find. 

Product versions



Werkzeugschrank mit Mitteltrennwand


Werkzeugschrank mit Wertfach


Werkzeugschrank mit Fächern und Einlegeböden


Werkzeugschrank mit Ablageboden


Werkzeugschrank niedrig


Hängeschrank niedrig


Werkzeugschrank XXL mit Schubladen


Werkzeugschrank mit Schubladen


Werkzeugschrank mit Wertfach und Schubladen


Werkzeugschrank niedrig mit Schubladen


Werkzeugschrank mit Schiebetüren


Werkzeugschrank niedrig mit Schiebetüren


Aufsatz für Werkzeugschrank


Aufsatz für Werkzeugschrank mit Schiebetüren


Steel cabinets boast durability & stability

Wherever cabinets are needed with strong resilience, stability, and suitability for moving, steel cabinets are used. The most common application areas for a steel or metal tool cabinet include the workshop, warehouse, production, or manufacture. As a material, steel has many advantages, unlike cabinets made from wood, steel cabinets comply with the required fire protection.  In the event of fire, tool cabinets made of steel do not support the spread of fire. Furthermore, steel cabinets are available in a range of colors. An abrasion-resistant powder coating gives the tool cabinet additional protection.


The advantages of C + P steel tool cabinets

  • Resilient, stable, and suitable for moving
  • Complies with fire protection thanks to steel structure
  • Abrasion-resistant powder coating
  • Available in a range of variants and colors

Tool cabinets with viewing windows for lean production

To improve work processes in production, many companies use lean production cabinets. The tool cabinets with viewing windows are perfect for implementing modern improvement and simplification strategies such as kaizen and CIP. Doors with viewing windows have the advantage of making it possible to see the contents of the cabinet directly. This saves time, as tools and work materials can be found quickly and easily. At the same time, this encourages the cabinet users to keep things tidy.


Individual equipment & use of C + P tool cabinets

One major advantage of C + P tool cabinets is their individuality, you can choose between various models, fittings, and colors to suit your requirements and space situation. As a real all-round talent, the universal cabinet can be used almost anywhere.


The drawers are coated in light gray, extendable by 4/5, run on wear-resistant guide slide bearings or telescopic rails (depending on the cabinet model). Optional foam rubber mats can be placed inside the drawers. They have sufficient grip to prevent the tools from rolling back and forth. At the same time, the tools are protected from unnecessary wear. 


Various drawer divisions keep things tidy inside the drawer. Plastic boxes are suitable for small parts such as screws and wall plugs. The zinc-plated separators are commonly used to keep tools separate, such as adjustable wrenches or hammers.


Security compartments can be used to keep valuables locked away safely and separately in the tool cabinet.  A security compartment can even hold an A4 binder.


Included in the material and tool cabinets as standard. As the shelves can be adjusted in 15 mm increments, they can be arranged with greater flexibility. The normal load capacity of one shelf is 70 kg and as much as 110 kg in the reinforced version.


The standard locking systems are based on the particular doors and lockable tool cabinets. 


Depending on the spatial requirements and individual needs, C + P tool cabinets are available in various sizes.


The tool cabinets are available in a variety of colors (for body and doors) so they can blend in with the workshop equipment. 


Overview of the different C + P tool and material cabinets

Tool and material cabinets with hinged doors

The reinforced hinged doors mounted on bolt hinges (or external hinges) boast particularly strong stability.  The opening angle of roughly 110° or 180° enables convenient use of the hinged-door cabinet - even bulky material can be stored and taken out with ease.


Tool cabinets with sliding doors

The smooth-running, rail-guided sliding doors together with special casters enable an easy opening and closing of the sliding doors. With equivalent storage space, sliding-door tool cabinets require less functional area than cabinets with hinged doors.