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Modern work environment with plant elements

The privately-owned company Coenen is a C + P specialist retail partner and supplies an extensive range of products for work health and safety, workshop equipment, and industrial technology.

Topics such as sustainability and future-proofing are of major importance to the managing director Christian Coenen, also when it come to the work environment for his employees. The aim was to create an integrated spatial concept for work, communication, and relaxation that caters to the needs of a modern workplace and fits in with the corporate identity. 

Requirement: Integrated furniture concept

For the redesign of the offices, conference rooms, and break rooms, Coenen decided on modern furniture solutions and all-glass partitions from C + P. Each workstation has a desk with a matching pull-out cabinet that provides storage space for work materials and private belongings. Nature is brought into the rooms by a combination of sideboard planters and plant cubes.


Products used

  • Sideboard planters and plant cubes from the Climate Office product range 

  • Asisto pull-out cabinets and desks

  • Individual counter solution, chairs

  • All-glass partition systems 

Project Report: