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Corrosion protection — safeguarding product quality

Cabinets made from steel for top quality standards

C + P lockers represent top functionality and attractive design. In our in-house labs, we perform series of tests and check our product quality comprehensively. Particular attention is given to both the product surface and the corrosion protection. Each product development must undergo various test methods in the test laboratory before approval, including the salt spray test and a condensation test. A cross-cut adhesion test, evaluation of gloss, and a color measurement are also performed. An indentation test is carried out using a Buchholz indentor. Depending on the particular changing room conditions, various corrosion protection classes apply for lockers.

Locker corrosion protection classes compared

  • Class I dry zones:
    In dry rooms with normal ventilation, sheet metal lockers can be used.
  • Class II damp zones:
    Lockers made from zinc-plated and coated sheet metal are suitable for damp zones with elevated humidity.
  • Class III wet zones:
    In wet zones with very high humidity, such as swimming pools, lockers made from special aluminum sheet metal are used, depending on the quantity and the particular property.
  • Class IV extreme zones:
    Stainless steel lockers are used wherever climate conditions are extreme.

We offer a corrosion protection warranty of 5 years for C + P lockers of corrosion protection classes I and II, 10 years for class III, and 15 years for class IV.

How can coated steel surfaces be cleaned?

To prevent the surfaces of high-quality steel lockers losing their attractive appearance after prolonged use, we have provided a few tips for appropriate cleaning below.


  • Ideally, pure water should be used.
  • Highly diluted neutral or very weakly alkali detergents are, however, also possible. These detergents should be rinsed out immediately with pure cold water! 
  • For the cleaning cloths, please use only soft, non-abrasive cloths.
  • Absolute off-limits for cleaning lockers is the use of steam cleaners or scratching or abrasive cleaning agents (abrasive cleaning). Furthermore, please avoid using organic solvents, esters, ketones, alcohols, aromatics, glycol ethers, halogenated hydrocarbons, etc.
  • If you are not sure of the composition of the cleaning agent, it is better not to use it!

With our cleaning tips you can make the attractive appearance of the C + P lockers particularly long-lasting.