C+P Schliessfachschränke der Serie Resisto


Security from a market leader.

When you’ve got something to want to lock up safely, you need to put your trust in professionals. C+P Möbelsysteme is a globally active market leader in assembled box lockers and cloakroom lockers of steel. Wherever you need tidiness and security, we have the solution – not to mention decades of experience.

Nurseries and schools

When spirits are running high, a sense of mischief sometimes results in a kick for the locker door. It’s a case for Resisto from C+P – with ‘rascal-proof’ doors.

Universities / educational institutions

A whole host of requirements have to be met in this kind of area: the lockers need to offer plenty of storage space, stand up to frequent use, and have automatic door closure to keep escape routes clear.

Sports, fitness and wellness facilities

A wide range of compartment sizes might be needed depending on requirements, from double-tier cloakroom lockers to small-compartment lockers. In this kind of area, online and offline electronic locking systems are preferred.

Wellness from the outset.

Users of sports, fitness, leisure and wellness facilities expect one thing above all: to be able to relax, devote time to themselves and switch off from everyday worries. For that to happen, the locker and changing rooms need to be just right. C+P bag lockers are designed to make sure the wellness experience starts right away: convenient and spacious compartments that are easy to operate. Accessories that set the tone. Extra equipment that offers practical benefits.

Security from a market leader

Wenn Sie etwas zu verschließen haben, sollten Sie Profis vertrauen. C+P Möbelsysteme ist weltweit tätiger Markt­führer für Schließfach- und Garderobenschränke aus Stahl.

Wo immer Sie Bedarf an Ordnung und Sicherheit haben: Wir haben die Lösung – und darüber hinaus jahrzehnte-lange Erfahrung.

Cylinder lock with 2 keys:

With cylinder barrel, pin cylinder or sheet lock. Optionally available with master key function.

Safety turning bolt:

It is not possible to over-rotate the locking mechanism since the lock cylinder does not snap into place until the padlock has been removed.

SAFE-O-MAT lock:

With convenient twin coin deposit lock…

…or as token-operated lock:

With large cashbox (twin-coin multiuse).

Ticket-operated locks:

The practical solution found at many swimming pools: the admission ticket dispensed by the machine also serves as a deposit

Staff IDs or club membership cards can also be used.

Electronic online/offline locking systems

GAT locking system with central information display:

The compartment is opened by data carrier directly on the locker, whereas the central display provides information about which compartments are in use and which compartments are free.

METRA locking system with central terminal:

The compartment is opened on the central terminal, by means of either data carrier or fingerprint biometric scan.

PIN lock:

The simple solution with freely selectable PIN. Ideal wherever keys or data carriers are not wanted

Digilock locking system:

Programmable system with freely selectable PIN and additional locking options.

SAFE-O-PIN lock:

With freely selectable PIN. Ideal wherever keys or data carriers are not wanted. (Also available with additional coin deposit function)


Electronic transponder locking system with various forms of data carrier integration.

I t ’ s your choice.

The Resisto and Intro series offer the right locker for every application. Because we set great store by variability. You can bet our range has the right one for you, too. Your C+P furniture adviser will be glad to give you more information and to demonstrate the ideal solution for you.

The S 5000 Resisto series from C+P is available...

…in three locker widths

and two compartment sizes

…in two locker heights  and three locker depths

Height 1255 mm with DBS decor cover plate and three tiers.

Height 1950 mm with two and/or five tiers.

Depths 540 mm, 640 mm and extra-deep 740 mm

…in special versions

Special solutions as open wardrobes, breakout areas or combination blocks.

An ingenious combination.

You can choose from many attractive coatings at C+P as a standard feature. We are also always glad to fulfil all your individual colour and surface finish wishes. You can find the entire range and additional information about colour design in the latest catalogue. Have fun choosing!

Carcass colours:

There are numerous additional options besides the classicwhite aluminium and black grey carcass colours.

Door/feature colours:

Vivid or muted shades are suitable particularly as door or feature colours.

Acrylic glass colours (Intro):

Doors made of acrylic glass are available in various colour tones.

Thanks to their curved design, the special doors of 1.5 mm thick steel are extremely sturdy – robust and ‘rascal-proof’. 

Optionally, the Resisto steel doors can also be given a high-gloss coating – a visual highlight for a high-quality ambience.

Steel doors in the Intro series are supplied with single or double walls depending on the compartment size.

Intro acrylic glass doors are the perfect solution when locker contents need to remain visible.