The professional: S 3000 – proven in practice, and safe

C+P designed its Evolo fire brigade lockers in close cooperation with experienced experts. Technically state of the art, they are ideal for storing all personal equipment, while the depth of 600 mm and height of 2000 mm provide sufficient space for hanging modern firefighting clothing.

They also include clever details, such as the universal
helmet holder solution and the security compartment with special combination lock. All designed to ensure that the clothing and equipment can be safely stored and quickly retrieved!

Good drying properties for firefighting clothing thanks to the right cabinet dimensions: Height: 2000 mm, width: 500 mm, depth: 600 mm (models 48315).

Hook rail on the side with three movable stainless steel hooks, e.g. for safety strap, rescue rope, breathing mask, etc. 

Helmet holder for safe storage, good ventilation and drying, and quick and easy retrieval of all standard types of helmet.

Our strength: Customized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs

Please let us know your needs for a specific project so that you can benefit from the expertise of C+P – the market leader for steel changing-room systems and lockers!

Fire brigade locker, 1 compartment
Fire brigade locker, 2 compartments

Practical detailed solutions

All lockers are the same – but are they really? What may seem to be unimpressive details at first glance quickly turn out to be indispensable when a need for quick action is required! The security compartment door, for example, does not protrude beyond the housing, and thus avoids accidents – even when things get hectic.

Choose clever solutions that are proven in practice!
Fire brigade lockers from C+P do make a difference.

Fire brigade locker, 2 compartments
Turn out locker, 2 compartments

Security compartment with internal foam-rubber mat to protect any valuables inserted with the door closed (insertion slot above the door). Important detail for model 48315: Even when it is open, the security compartment door does not protrude beyond the housing and so leaves the walkway clear (= safety even in hectic changing situations).

Folding helmet holder (optional)

Optimal storage for helmet due to the rounded helmet support. Practical folding mechanism for quick and easy access.

Special combination lock

With wipe and master-key function for safely storing valuables and personal items.

Rubber boot mat

The boot mat absorbs water and dirt and protects the locker against damage. In the right position, it also ensures that the ventilation openings remain free. The mat is simple to remove and therefore superbly easy to clean.

Possible individual solution for a works fire brigade using C+P lockers

The equipment is easy to reach; the necessary walkways are clear. Special request by the customer: Integrated, lockable equipment cupboards that can be subsequently converted into locker compartments if needed!

Evolo – equally ideal for rescue services

Evolo by C+P is the ideal storage solution for all rescue
services. Cleverly designed, right down to the very last detail:

  • Rescue service lockers for storing modern work clothing and equipment
  • Wardrobe lockers for safely storing private clothing
  • Lockers for collecting dirty laundry and issuing fresh supplies 

Evolo offers a complete range of solutions for any changing room challenge. And since changing rooms are not the only issue, C+P also offers a wide range of add-on and project furniture for offices, warehouses, workshops and ancillary rooms. See for yourself in the latest C+P catalogue or at!

Rescue service locker

2 compartments, foot height: 150 mm, compartment width: 500 mm. Containing a universal helmet holder at top right, and a storage shelf or optional security
compartment at top left. Coat rail with 3 hooks, hook rail on the side, dimensions (H x W x D in mm) 2000 x 1010 x 600

Cloakroom locker

3 compartments, on 100 mm base, dimensions (H x W x D in mm) 1800 x 900 x 500

Laundry collector

With swing flap at the top of the door and inside hook for the laundry bag, 100 mm base, dimensions (H x W x D in mm) 1800 x 420 x 500

Laundry dispenser

With central door through which all tiers can be opened at once, 100 mm base, dimensions (H x W x D in mm) 1800 x 810 x 500

Security compartment with slot for depositing valuables even when the door is closed. When opened, the door does not protrude beyond the housing, thus leaving the walkways clear.

Hook rail on the side with three movable stainless steel hooks for hanging equipment.

Helmet holder in the locker, easy to reach and suitable for all standard types of helmet.

Rubber boot mat, easy to remove and therefore easy to clean. Absorbs dirt and protects the locker against damage.

Innovative plastic feet (= better protection against corrosion!) enhance the linear design and are fitted with a protective sleeve that conceals the adjusting screw when the standard height adjustment is in use. A clever idea!

Information material

Catalog 2018

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Evolo Fire service lockers

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A good combination

Changing rooms vary – as do the demands placed on the furnishings. This is where Evolo fire brigade lockers demonstrate just how enormously adaptable they are. Allowing you to make full use of the local conditions and to create optimal solutions. Evolo lockers are available ...

... on feet

... pre-worked for on-site base

... for wall mounting

… or with bench and storage box beneath

Body colours:

The Evolo series offers numerous additional options besides the classic light grey an charcoal body colours.

RAL 3000 (Flame red) is available at no additional charge.

Door/feature colours:

Vivid or muted shades are suitable particularly as door or feature colours.

It’s your choice

One solution to all requirements? That was once the case. You can find the perfect locker for every application in the S 3000 Evolo range. You can bet our range has the right one for you, too.

Your C+P furniture consultant will be glad to give you more information and to demonstrate the ideal solution for you.

The S 3000 Evolo series from C+P comprises ...

... lockers with helmet holder on the inside, models 48315

with one, two or three compartments measuring 500 mm each (optionally with or without security compartment)

Height: 2000 mm, depth: 600 mm

... lockers with special helmet shelf, models 48215

with one, two, three or four compartments measuring 400 mm each (optionally with or without security compartment)

Height: 2000 mm, depth: 500 mm

... lockers with helmet holder on the locker top, models 48015/48115

with one, two, three or four compartments measuring 400 mm each (various designs, optionally with or without security compartment)

... turn out lockers

in an modular design which allows easy installation. With boot rack, coat rail with helmet holders and coat hangers as well as lockable compartments with hook rails on the side.


Evolo special lockers for fire brigades and rescue services are available ...

... on feet

... on bases

... pre-worked for on-site base

... for wall mounting

With intelligent and attractive interior fittings

as laundry lockers, cleaning equipment cupboards or storage facilities.