Media carts

The Cegano media cart is the mobile aid for all meetings and is also a real gem. It saves you a great deal of time and money as you can use it everywhere you need to. The media cart comes with the VESA input for one or two screens, a camera mounting bracket and a lockable installation room for audio and video technology – we have really thought of everything.


The Cegano media cart carries a screen measuring up to 100 inches or two screens each measuring up to 65 inches.

Just two connections:

Power and data – that’s all you need to hold a multimedia conference with Cegano.

Professional plugs and cables:

Prevent confusion, have a simple locking mechanism and are completely durable.

Media cart for professional video conferences:

Available as single cart (for a flat screen) or the duo version (for two flat screens) – the mobile Cegano media carts provide elegant housing for intelligent conference and presentation technology.

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