Leading in corrosion protection and quality assurance

C+P products have been known for their high quality standard for many years. This excellent reputation is based on our commitment to do everything in our power to combine professional workmanship and quality. To us, attention to detail is just as important as a well coordinated product range.

Continual tests and test series are required in order to maintain and improve our quality standard. In our own laboratory and the attached testing chamber, for example, we test not only product details, (common practice even in the automotive industry because of the costly procedure), but also the complete product. The latest
scientific testing methods are applied in these processes.

An important criterion requiring constant monitoring is surface and corrosion protection, particularly for our lockers.

At C+P, you can select the suitable corrosion protection class for your field of application:
As one of the first suppliers worldwide, C+P presents its own company standard with corrosion protection classes. This is based on decades of experience and practical, scientific tests. Take advantage of the technological lead and the competence of a leading manufacturer of changing room and cloakroom solutions! The following tables provide you with an overview.

Testing FE phosphating of our pretreatment plant

Adhesion test: assessing the adhesion of coatings to any underground

The following test methods are used regularly at the C+P testing laboratory

DIN 50021Salt spray test with subsequent testing according to DIN 53167
DIN 50017Condensation test with subsequent testing according to DIN 53209
DIN 53151Cross-cut adhesion test
DIN 67530Evaluation of gloss
DIN 53153Buchholz indentation resistance test
DIN 5033Colorimetry

Recommended cleaning agents for coated surfaces

Listed below are several recommendations from our suppliers for coating material:

  •  If possible, please use clean water, possibly adding low amounts of neutral or very slightly alkaline cleaning agents. A mechanical cleaning effect can be achieved with the aid of soft, non-abrasive cloths or rags.
  • Do not use any steam jet cleaners.
  • Do not use any scratching or grinding agents (abrasive cleaning).
  • Do not use any organic solvents containing esters, ketones, alcohols, aromatic compounds, glycol ethers, halogenated hydrocarbons or the like.
  • Do not use any cleaning agents of unknown composition.

Important: Rinse off all cleaning agents with clean cold water immediately.



Salt spraying chamber with two lockers which are being tested as a complete product according to DIN 50021 at C+P.

Corrosion protection classes according to C+P company standard

Corrosion protection classesClass I Dry wallsClass II Damp areasClass III Wet areasClass IV Extreme areas
 Furniture to be set up in dry rooms with average ventilation*Furniture for rooms with increased humidityFurniture for wet areas with very high humidity, e.g. swimming poolsFurniture for extreme climatic conditions, such as salt water spas, slaughterhouses, etc.
DesignSheet steelSheet steel electrolytically galvanized and coatedSpecial aluminum sheet, depending on specific object and quantitiesStainless steel 1.4301 brushed
CoatingHigh quality enamel coatingHigh quality enamel coatingHigh quality enamel coating-
Guarantee5 years5 years10 years15 years

* When using the lockers in public areas, in which the increased use of road salt is to be expected during the winter months, we recommend using the electrolytically zinc-plated sheet steel and shoe trays.

The classifications apply to all corrosion protection classes only when the surface is undamaged.
Note: You can find corrosion-protected locks for wet areas on page 402/403 (Order no. 0008-72, with brass key).