Changes in the way we work – Work when and where you like

Diverse workplaces, an increase in mobile working and fewer permanently assigned personal workspaces – the changes in office work present challenges even to well-suited manufacturers. But how can office furniture manufacturers master these challenges in the future?

TODAY´S OFFICES AND BEYOND – Event by C+P & Interstuhl

On Nov.11, 2017, our showroom in Dubai was dedicated to office work – together with our cooperation partner Interstuhl we hosted the event “TODAY´S OFFICES AND BEYOND“. We were delighted to have as speaker an expert in office work environments, Prof. Dr. –Ing. Dieter Lorenz. 

Presentation by Prof. Dr. –Ing. Dieter Lorenz, expert in office work environments

Office work will experience changes not seen since the introduction of the computer – according to the statement by Prof. Dr. -Ing. Lorenz. Modern technologies will take over many standardized functions carried out by specialists and help desk personnel. Project work will increase, the office will turn into a temporary meeting place. Intrinsically motivated, well-qualified agents working together in part only temporarily for specific projects at the office.

Activity-Based Offices – Flexibilization of Work

The work place and working hours are becoming more flexible, in part moving to the private home, as well. Even the latest efforts by the legislature to regulate telecommuting will have little effect on it. Unless employees resist explicitly, “Mobile Working“ will increase. Lower attendance times at the office and increasing property prices in inner cities require the reduction of permanently assigned personal workspaces.

Increasing Challenges for Office Furniture Manufacturers

As a consequence, challenges are increasing for manufacturers of office equipment. Work equipment must adapt to users changing daily – including the possibility to adjust existing office furniture quickly and ergonomically. But blending work and private lives can have negative consequences like highly compressed work, stress, as well as health risks. Office furniture manufacturers must take an active role in order to shape the future and not suffer under it.

After the presentation by Prof. Dr. –Ing. Lorenz a lively exchange was had by all guests at the showroom. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Prof. Dr. –Ing Lorenz for an interesting presentation!