Company profile

Our mission statement “Furniture for People” is a promise. People first, products second.

We are curious to discover more about people, their goals and wishes, their responsibilities and duties. Our mission is defined by the answers we receive. They are our inspiration for a whole host of new ideas that enable us to help people in their work.

This fundamental principle is just as central to our interaction with each other in the workplace. Together, we are successful because we help each other. Together with our partners, we embrace new challenges.

Your project is our main concern – from the planning phase all the way through to its implementation.

You should have the feeling that you’ve made exactly the right decision in choosing C+P from the initial contact right until the project is launched. Your project is extremely important to us! We are committed to your cause. We offer you professional planning and implementation as well as creative ideas and suggestions.
An interior architect said the following about us: “I discussed the design with C+P and by the next meeting they had made it even better than I had expected.” This is what we mean.

Even the lock of a simple steel cabinet can be improved and be registered for a patent – as our “Ergo Lock” goes to show. We remain inquisitive. After all, there is so much still left to discover.

We mean business when we talk about ergonomics and functionality.

What is the point in a method that only works in theory? That’s why we have designed tables that actually put ergonomics into practice. As a company of conviction, we work with this furniture ourselves and live by the standing/sitting philosophy in our own offices.
It doesn’t matter whether we are creating a complete table system or whether
we are “just” designing a table leg or a delicate detail: We create products that have a degree of recognition – furniture that you simply love to work with.

We want you to get on and work well with one another.

Whether it be an informal meeting or a video conference: We are in our element when it comes to providing furniture for conferences and meetings! The principle here is: Use technology simply with the emphasis on the word simple. That’s why we combine stylish furniture with smart media technology so that everything is easy to use.
Sophisticated furniture motivates people and makes meetings efficient. As technology is changing all the time, we are changing too. After all, as you know:
We are extremely inquisitive.

We design rooms just for you and have the right acoustic and air-conditioning solution.

We offer more than furniture and partitions because a room is so much more than that. Our customers’ requirements change all the time. That’s why we focus on flexibility and a modern material concept. We therefore have an answer to all requirements of transparent modern architecture.
But we pick up where others left off: We offer energy-saving cooling with the innovative C+P climate wall or effective acoustic surfaces that we integrate elegantly and almost invisibly into furniture and walls.

If you want to lock something away, we can do more for you than you think.

Our specialty includes lockers and cloakroom solutions. What started out many decades ago with conventional lockers. Those lockers are now meeting the highest standards: Are you looking for elegant glass doors with interior lighting? An integrated drinking fountain in your locker? Media technology in your cabinet? That’s no challenge for us.
We are the leading company worldwide as far as our cloakroom lockers are concerned: In gyms, company changing rooms, sports facilities, hospitals, everywhere you can think of – we offer everything from single lockers to major customized projects.

When you find high-tech equipment in a changing room you just know that we’re responsible.

Our series’ range by itself is big. But specific requirements are what really spur us on. We built the first locker with a self-ventilation concept and have continued to develop this concept ever since. We have been working with electronic locking systems and door motifs since the last millennium (we were the first on the market to do that by the way).

There is nothing you can think of that doesn’t exist: We supplied the most exclusive lockers in the world to a top American university. Everyone involved was of course delighted with our solution.

Experiments are carried out in laboratories. But not at our company.

Laboratory and medical facilities actually have more to do with system construction than they do with furniture. We are well versed in both and make effective use of our great expertise. Our industrial, research, pharmaceutical and health customers as well as those from many other sectors really appreciate this: We do not experiment with quality, product functions or design.
Our new flexible school laboratories have caused a huge sensation:
Is it even possible to reconstruct a class room during a school lesson for
an experiment in a blink of an eye? It is with C+P.